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GWM PICKUP’s New Model Launched in the Chinese Market

GWM PICKUP's New Model Launched in the Chinese Market

On March 22, Jingangpao (for Chinese Market), the new model of GWM PICKUP was launched in Chengdu City in China and received wide attention from the media and consumers.

In the launching activity, the appearance, center console, steering wheel and other details of Jingangpao (for Chinese Market) have been shown in the live streaming. The famous Chinese auto media Tencent Auto has commented it as “a new model with high comprehensive strength”.

In fact, GWM have launched GWM POER and subseries, all of which have won recognition from consumers. Among them, Jingangpao (for Chinese Market) is the most successful model, it has given an overall demonstration of its practical functions and advantages in the launching activity.

As the new generation of PICKUP, Jingangpao (for Chinese Market) now leads the trends in the market in many ways. The exterior design, space and configuration of it have all been upgraded and innovated.

With simple but smooth outline and a good integration of straight lines and curves, it has a strong sense of design. In addition to the classic elements of GWM POER, the front design of Jingangpao (for Chinese Market) has a large-sized honeycomb-style grid, adding a strong visual impact to itself. Then, the “dreamy blue” of this model reflects its vitality and trendy feature.

This new model has a huge space, which can bring convenience to consumers. For example, its trunk can ensure high-efficient and convenient transportation when consumers plan to move house, to go camping or to deliver medium-sized or large-sized shelves.

Even when it is fully loaded in driving, Jingangpao (for Chinese Market) still has good performance. It is equipped with a mature power combination of 2.0T engine and 6-speed Manual Transmission. So, it can handle different road conditions such as uphill slopes and hollows easily. The excellent power performance can bring outstanding driving experience to consumers.

In terms of the configuration, Jingangpao (for Chinese Market) focuses on the application of intelligent technologies, including automatic parking, automatic air conditioning, keyless start and cruise control. When drivers are in long-distance driving, they may try to release the gas pedal in good road condition after setting the speed and then the vehicle will keep driving automatically at a safe speed.

The launch of Jingangpao (for Chinese Market) will help to change pickup trucks’ previous image as normal trucks carrying freight, fulfilling GWM PICKUP’s mission of “Making Pickups Popular In The World”.

Jingangpao (for Chinese Market) is expected to be launched in many markets such as Saudi Arabia and Chile in this year and it will become more popular in the global market soon.