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H POWER DAY! The GWM FTXT will hold the 2023 annual liquid hydrogen strategy Launch Event


On April 10, “H POWER DAY”, the GWM FTXT will hold the 2023 annual launch event about liquid hydrogen strategy and new products.

At the event spot, FTXT will further expand its ecological layout, officially launch the liquid hydrogen strategy, and build China’s first liquid hydrogen ecosystem demonstration project, covering the full link liquid hydrogen application operation from hydrogen production, liquefaction, transportation, refueling to end application, so as to break the carbon reduction barriers of medium and long-haul carrier vehicles.

Meantime, several innovative products will be released by FTXT to realize the advancement from short-medium distance transportation to long-haul transportation, and fully support the effective carbon reduction in inland ships, construction machinery, aircraft, and other large scale application scenarios.

– Target to heavy-duty traffic field: “Jupiter” onboard liquid hydrogen storage system has broken the bottleneck of the efficient hydrogen storage technology problem, and the mass of a single hydrogen storage cylinder has reached more than 80 kg, achieving 8wt % hydrogen storage density of liquid hydrogen system quality and more than 1000km driving mileage.
– Target to hydrogen fuel cell passenger vehicle: the mass hydrogen storage density of GEN 2 70 MPa – 57L IV type hydrogen storage cylinder has reached 6.1wt %, far better than the target value of mass hydrogen storage density, 5.5wt%, made by the United States department of energy (DOE).
– Target to hydrogen HDV medium-long haul transportation application scenarios: FTXT has successfully developed a 300+kW expanded graphite plate stack, and achieved the 0.65mm flexible graphite plate, in which the highest efficiency can reach 68%, peak power density breakthrough 4.0kW/L, design life up to 30,000 hours, in addition, FTXT has achieved 100% domestic and independent development of key components, and its comprehensive performance indicators reached the international advanced level.

In addition, by focusing on the ecological construction of the market, and cooperating with Chinese energy enterprises, FTXT will build 100 hydrogen refueling stations; Strategic purchase orders will be signed with well-known Chinese vehicle enterprises and steel enterprises to put 650 hydrogen fuel cell heavy duty trucks into operation. And also, FTXT will reach the strategic cooperation on carbon trading with China Automotive Industry Center to jointly explore carbon trading standards for hydrogen energy applications. And through the “dual wheel” drive policy of market ecology and product ecology, FTXT will be committed to getting through hydrogen source, cost, service, finance, and other segments, enabling the ecological construction of the hydrogen energy industry chain, promoting the scale development of China’s hydrogen energy industry, sharing scientific research achievements and operation experience with the world and contributing to the global green, low-carbon, and sustainable development.

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