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H3C Wi-Fi 7 Wins the Best of Show Award Grand Prize at Interop Tokyo 2022

H3C Wi-Fi 7 garnered the Best of Show Award Grand Prize at Interop Tokyo 2022

Japan’s biggest ICT exhibition, the Interop Tokyo 2022 (hereinafter referred to as “Interop Tokyo”), has been concluded on June 17 in Tokyo. H3C’s AI-native Wi-Fi 7 AP product, WA7638, won the Grand Prize for Best of Show Award in the Mobile Computing (WiFi etc.) category, which demonstrates its outstanding R&D and technical performance.

As the highest award of Interop Tokyo, the Best of Show Award Grand Prize is selected by a jury of authoritative ICT experts and reviewers among hundreds of finalist proposals, to recognize the best players in product innovation, technology and commercial value. H3C AI-native Wi-Fi 7 AP WA7638 has won high acclaim from the Interop Tokyo Steering Committee. “Based on its proprietary iRadio, iStation, iEdge and iHeal technologies, the product continues to go beyond the limits of wireless capabilities to achieve ultra-high rate and ultra-low latency, bringing brand new smart and fast network experience to users across various industries.”

By leveraging iRadio, iStation, iEdge and iHeal technologies through cloud-network-edge synergy, H3C Wi-Fi 7 AP delivers a wide array of intelligent features including RF management, terminal access, service assurance and network repair, enhancing intelligent operation and maintenance (O&M) services for customers. The product can increase channel utilization by 56%, terminal access efficiency by 33% and the number of transmission channels by 220%, shortening overall network O&M time by 30%, successfully pushing the boundaries of R&D for wireless networks.

H3C’s being awarded the Grand Prize for Best of Show Award is another reflection of its technical prowess. Guided by its Cloud & AI Native strategy, H3C will be continuously innovating and bringing more excellent digital products and solutions to customers and partners worldwide. Moreover, H3C will continue its efforts to jointly shape a digital future with customers and partners worldwide by expanding more ecological resources and technologies in line with the global trends of digital economy.

Source: H3C