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Haagen-Dazs celebrates International Women’s Day across global markets shining the spotlight on “Women Who Don’t Hold Back”


— Haagen-Dazs takes successful International Women’s Day campaign to China, France, Hong Kong, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Spain, Taiwan, and the UAE.
— 24 trailblazers share their inspirational journeys as part of the brand’s efforts to champion women and their achievements

Expanding beyond the successful celebration started in the UAE for International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021, this year’s Häagen-Dazs #WomenWhoDontHoldBack campaign of 2022 has snowballed into a global tribute spanning 12 countries, honoring the achievements of women who have not held back and realized their dreams. Since 1960, Haagen-Dazs ice cream hasn’t held back and this year the brand champions 24 trailblazers with inspirational stories.

“Don’t Hold Back” is a core concept of the brand – an inspiration for people across the world to live life to the fullest, a belief instilled from founders Rueben and Rose Mattus who revolutionized ice cream using the best ingredients in its products.

Stories that are celebrated this year include, a pioneering Chinese media platform founder that speaks for and supports women, a French bartender who challenged stereotypes to do her dream job, the first female mechanic in UAE who is paving the way in a male-dominated industry, and the first ever female model with Down’s Syndrome breaking stereotypes to pose for Victoria’s Model (while also starting her own accessories line) hailing from Puerto Rico.

“We believe the world needs to hear about these remarkable women, from all walks of life, who are breaking glass ceilings, turning challenges into victories, stepping outside their comfort zones and are a physical embodiment of what our ‘Don’t Hold Back’ campaign represents,” says Michelle Odland, Haagen-Dazs Global Brand Director.

Odland continues: “It is iconic women like these, who have made a personal impact for women the world over, including myself, enabling and inspiring us to pursue our dreams and dismantle barriers to our collective success. Taking the concept global for International Women’s Day this year is a testament to our core belief of the importance of elevating and inspiring women all over the world.”

‘Women Who Don’t Hold Back’ is celebrated by Haagen-Dazs this year by renaming its iconic flavors, encouraging women to nominate each other’s achievements, and by giving away free scoops.

To find out more about these inspiring stories, follow #WomenWhoDontHoldBack.

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Source: Haagen-Dazs