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Hainan Changjiang featured cultural fashion show held during CICPE Fashion Week

Changjiang featured fashion show

On April 15th, the closing ceremony of the “Longing for Changjiang, Encounter Glimmer of Light” theme event at the 3rd China International Consumer Products Expo Fashion Week was held in Changjiang Li Autonomous County, Hainan Province, China.

The fashion show integrated the intangible heritage cultural elements such as Li brocade and Li pottery from Changjiang, as well as beautiful natural scenery, and combined with the public welfare project “Glimmering Girl” which supports the growth of women in China. Together, they traced the traditional culture of the Li people in Changjiang and experienced the collision of fashion trends and local culture, while paying attention to more Li girls who need help, according to Changjiang Li Autonomous County Convergence Media Center.

The closing ceremony of the fashion week was jointly presented by China’s pearl design brand PEARLSTIGE, Chinese designer brand RUOHAN, and Hainan Li cultural clothing brand “Bu Li Bu She”. They combined modern and international thinking, integrated traditional culture such as Hainan Li brocade, and launched the “Butterfly Li Brocade Series” fashion clothing, showcasing China’s new force in fashion design and demonstrating the new expression of the transboundary integration of Li brocade culture and fashion trends.

Source: Changjiang Li Autonomous County Convergence Media Center