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Hainan Li Brocade Fashion Show Attracts Attention at the China International Consumer Products Expo

The scene of the fashion show with the theme of "Li Brocade Weaving Mountains and Seas"

On July 30, at the China International Consumer Products Expo 2022 in Hainan, China, a fashion show with the theme of “Li Brocade Weaving Mountains and Seas” held by Changjiang Li Autonomous County, Hainan, brought a refreshing experience to Chinese and foreign guests, according to Changjiang Converged Media Center.

The show was curated by the young designer brand INSULAiRE. The brand was founded in Paris in 2017 and means ‘incidents of the island’ or ‘islanders’. INSULAiRE’s founder and designer Yang Zhikai was born and raised in Hainan. He draws inspiration from traditional local culture and delivers it through a modern and international mindset. He has integrated the traditional Li brocade with Hainanese elements such as Tanka culture and the ocean to design sophisticated stylish clothing that presents the distinctive traditional Li ethnic group’s cultural identity.

This show was not only held to inherit and protect the culture of the Li brocade, but also to promote their commercialization and the development of all-season tourism in Changjiang.

In recent years, Hainan Changjiang has tapped local tourism and cultural resources, put forward the goal of building a first-class tourism destination in western Hainan, and vigorously cultivated sports, ecology, culture, rural tourism and other formats. “Appreciating kapok flowers in the spring, enjoying the fragrance of mangos in the summer, visiting Chess Bay in the autumn, and climbing Bawang mountains in the winter” has gradually become a unique advantage of Changjiang’s whole-area, all-season and all-times tourism.

Source: Changjiang Converged Media Center