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HEADWOLF Officially Launched 2nd Generation Power Station D1000


HEADWOLF’s 2nd portable power station D1000 is officially launched at 14th April and currently available at Amazon. Founded in 2016, HEADWOLF aims to create high-end brand of portable power stations spanning travel, home energy storage, industrial applications and public sector applications.

According to public reports, the pre-orders for HEADWOLF D1000 have exceeded 100,000 units. HEADWOLF choose an international famous factory as its production agent, In two months, 10,000 units of HEADWOLF D1000 have been produced, tested, packed, and rolled off the assembly line. It is expected that the production capacity will increase by 8-9 times compared with 2021. With 1021.2Wh battery capacity, HEADWOLF D1000 adopts V0 grade flame retardant PC material of SABIC company, more resistant to high temperature by using stronger flame retardants. In terms of safety. the 8.5Kg machine is equipped with an advanced IC BMS system and adopts the Tuoer packaging method, which has less heat generation and more intelligent power management. Using laminated power blade cells, the internal resistance is less than 1MÙ, which can effectively control the battery damage caused by high-power input and output. By adopting the horizontal in-and-out four-fan in-line design, HEADWOLF D1000 achieves more efficient heat dissipation, greatly improved battery life and safety. It is packaged with a 1.2 mm thick pure sheet gold pack, which can effectively prevent the battery pack safety problems caused by puncture, extrusion, and drop. HEADWOLF D1000 supports a maximum of 1000W single-port AC output, which can be used for emergency medical applications such as ventilators and oxygen generators, and even for geological exploration. Its PD 100W bidirectional transmission/USB-A PD 100W fast charging, 120W DC 7909 high-power input interface are at leading level.

CEO of HEADWOLF Chris Chen said: “We are very optimistic about the development prospects of the industry. The HEADWOLF team has a strong product and technology-driven innovation gene. We are very happy to make a positive contribution to the universal application of clean energy worldwide. ”

Electricity demand has been developing in a more convenient and worry-free direction. In high-power electricity consumption scenarios, the advantages of portable power stations have been further magnified. HEADWOLF has been making efforts to relieve battery anxiety. The launch of D1000 is a decisive step for HEADWOLF to relieve the worries related to outdoor electricity consumption.

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