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Hebei International Industrial Design Week features more than innovative products


An innovative subway rotating handrail features the functions like rotating disinfection, station display and handle temperature control. Small and flexible, snake-like food delivery robots can be used to go deep into ruins after earthquakes. EV upstart Xiaopeng’s pure electric manned flying car “Voyager X2”, which has just completed its first public flight overseas, also made onto the stage.

These were part of the highlights of the Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2022 held in Xiong’an New Area in north China’s Hebei Province. At the exhibition of industrial design innovation achievements, more than 3,000 pieces of global design products from over 300 exhibitors at home and abroad were on display in the 6000-square-meter venue.

Digital RMB hardware wallet, amphibious garbage cleaning vehicle, and remote tactile interactive clothes were showpieces at the first “Amazing” exhibition of Xiong’an in this design week, which attracted many visitors.

Based on the landscape of Xiong’an, the exhibition area has created five green island exhibition areas centering on smart transportation, environmental protection, livability for children, old-age health care and industrial trends, respectively.

Xiong’an New Area’s future production and life style featuring diverse functions, rich types, safety and health were showcased through the integration of real scenarios, virtual technologies and products.

The innovation achievements exhibition has also set up many areas with international elements, featuring dazzling innovative design products from the Netherlands, Britain, Italy and other places.

Superuse Studio, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has launched a new children’s amusement park which uses waste wind turbine blades for recycling design, transforming waste from the wind energy industry into functional, beautiful and sustainable urban furniture.

“By holding Hebei International Industrial Design Week, we have built a shared platform for international exchanges and cooperation in industrial design, and conveyed our confidence in committed opening-up to the world,” said Song Xiangdang, deputy director of Hebei’s industry and information technology department.

As a global exhibition featuring the achievements of industrial design innovation, the Hebei International Industrial Design Week, after five years of development, has risen to be an important platform for gathering global design innovation concepts and resources, promoting the development of Xiong’an New Area, and contributing to the high-quality development of Hebei.

Source: Hebei Industry and Information Technology Department