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HFM Upgrades Execution Speed, One of the Fastest in the Industry

EBENE, Mauritius

Markets seem to be reacting faster than ever to any global development, whether economic, geopolitical or even diplomatic. That’s why when making investing-related decisions, speed and accuracy play an important role. Leading global brokerage brand HFM (formerly HotForex) has recently announced that an upgrade has been performed to its execution policy, making it faster – and one of the fastest in the industry [ ] today.

“We don’t just say that we strive to be one step ahead of our competitors – we mean it,” commented a spokesperson for HFM. “This means that we always make sure our investors receive nothing less than the highest standard of service. Fast execution speeds are more than just accurate trade placement, they also ensure that opportunities in the markets are not missed, and that’s exactly what we’re here for – to make sure our clients can fully benefit from what the financial environment has to offer.”

Putting the client’s needs first

This recent upgrade is part of HFM’s strategy to periodically improve its trading conditions, and it seems to bear fruits for the broker, with over 3.5 million active traders worldwide. Furthermore, the company is also a beacon for the rest of the industry – setting an example for other brands to follow and proving that fast and accurate execution is possible without making compromises when it comes to user security and privacy.

“Our valued clients know that we are here to give them the optimal trading experience, with no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’,” added the spokesperson. “They also know that we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve, and to see how we can make their journey in the market more enjoyable and fruitful.”

About HFM
Established in 2010, HFM is an industry leader today, mainly thanks to its innovative trading technology, superior conditions and multilingual support – currently granted in over 27 different languages. HFM offers clients a wide range of services, including CFD trading on various assets, commission-free investment on stocks, copy trading, affiliate benefits and more. All financial activity is conducted under the license of no less than 7 international regulatory bodies, ensuring that client funds are always safe and that security protocols are updated. For more information and to open an account, users are invited to visit the brand’s website [ ].

Source: HFM