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High-quality Development Makes Cities Happier — Qingdao Listed among the “Happiest Cities in China” for 4 Years in Succession

Qingdao has been listed among the "Happiest Cities of China" for four years in succession

On Nov. 24, the "Happy Cities of China Forum 2023" was held in Chengdu. During the event, the survey and selection results for the "Happiest Cities of China in 2023" were announced. Qingdao made its fourth appearance on the list, alongside other provincial capital cities and cities designated in the state plan, including Chengdu, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Changsha, Shenyang, Hohhot, and Taiyuan, according to the News Office of the People's Government of Qingdao.

The survey and selection activity, themed "High-quality Development Makes Cities Happier," focused on assessing the happiness of residents in Chinese cities and promoting vibrant practices in the construction of happy cities around how cities can enhance their modernized governance systems and governance capacities, with a commitment to people-centered approaches and the pursuit of high-quality development along a distinctive path of urban development with Chinese characteristics.

In recent years, Qingdao has been dedicated to realizing the objectives outlined in the city's 13th Party Congress, which aim to develop "the six aspects of the city." This dedication has led to continuous improvements in the well-being of its residents and has paved the way for the establishment of an internationally modernized socialist metropolis. Embracing a development philosophy centered on its people, the city has implemented numerous measures to enhance the quality of life for its residents. It aims to ensure that all developments prioritize the people, are accessible to the people, and that the benefits of progress are shared by all. Furthermore, Qingdao strives to distribute the achievements of its modernization efforts more equitably, enabling all citizens to enjoy a heightened sense of progress, happiness, and security.

Source: News Office of the People's Government of Qingdao