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“Hinggan League – Acer mono” Cup World Savanna Photography Exhibition Commenced in Beijing

The autumn-laced Acer mono trees of Hinggan League

The “Hinggan League – Acer mono” Cup World Savanna Photography Exhibition kicked off in Beijing on the afternoon of June 28.

The exhibition is co-sponsored by China Photographers Association, the Cultural Transmission Center of the China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, Inner Mongolian Foundation of Literary and Art Circles, and the Publicity Department of the CPC Hinggan League Committee. This photography exhibition will focus on curating public submissions of photos capturing the ecological protection achievements of this internationally common vegetation type that is the savanna, in doing so facilitating the joint construction of a beautiful home where mankind and nature can coexist harmoniously across the world, according to the Organizing Committee of the “Hinggan League – Acer mono” Cup World Savanna Photography Exhibition.

The opening ceremony also displayed some of the excellent photos curated in the 2021 iteration, vividly displaying the beauty of Acer mono across the seasons, telling touching stories about Hinggan League’s efforts to safeguard ecological security in northern China and build a beautiful China. The photography exhibition will last for a month, and works will be exhibited in Happy Valley in Beijing, Tianjin and other places successively.

Hinggan League is located in the northeast of Inner Mongolia in China, where Acer mono trees cover an area of about 666.7 km2 in the vast savanna. Every autumn, the maple-like leaves of Acer mono turn fiery-red. This enchanting natural beauty has earned both Hinggan League and its Acer mono species a high reputation in Inner Mongolia, as proven by the saying, which goes, “visit Alxa League’s Populus euphratica forests in the west, and enjoy the view of Hinggan League’s Acer mono trees in the east”.

Over the recent years, Hinggan League has been vigorously pushing the development of ecological civilization, while also actively exploring a new path of high-quality development by giving priority to ecology and pursuing green development. For these endeavors Hinggan League has won such honors as National Unity and Progress Demonstration League of China, National Ecological Civilization Development Demonstration League, and Base for the Innovative Practice of “Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains Are Invaluable Assets”.

Source: Organizing Committee of the “Hinggan League – Acer mono” Cup World Savanna Photography Exhibition