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Hisense Praises Women Football Players through #RememberTheName Campaign, Commits to Enhancing Tournament Experience


Across the past year, many football fans’ attention has been drawn to women’s football worldwide. As the proud partner of UEFA Women’s EURO 2022™, Hisense aims to contribute to the substantial growth and professionalization of women’s football, inspire and support female players and fans who are enthusiastic about the sport, and bring more attention from the masses to the accomplishments of female athletes.

By partnering with the tournament and continuous investment in local market, Hisense has established strong relationships with European consumers. Starting with the 10-day countdown to UEFA Women’s EURO 2022™, Hisense is launching inspiration campaigns to help gain more female football players the recognition they deserve while establishing a more profound emotional connection with European consumers.

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Interactive and Charity Campaign

Hisense, as a global partner of UEFA Women’s EURO 2022™ and an international enterprise, launched the #RememberTheName campaign from June until August, both online and offline to empower and celebrate all the incredible moments of females, and enabled fans worldwide to give further encouragement and support to all women football players and females who are passionate about football.

During the tournament, Hisense and UEFA will post “Hisense Vision,” a series of digital clips on social media pages. These clips will show every football fan the most fantastic moments created by women’s footballers on every match day.

To enhance fans’ match engagement experience, audiences that join the campaigns will be able to win match tickets, official match balls used in the tournament, and other prizes.

Apart from the aforesaid, Hisense’s end market is also gathering a wider range of social forces to empower women’s sports through public welfare donations. In the UK, consumers can earn cashback rewards of £30 to £500 if they purchase Hisense products online or in-store between June 1 and July 26. Hisense encourages consumers to donate a customized amount of cashback to a charity organization that supports the growth of women’s sports – ‘Women in Sport’, to make a valuable contribution to women who love football and build a better sporting environment for all.

Product and Management Localization in Europe

Hisense is committed to meeting the needs of local consumers through marketing campaigns and localization management. To meet the needs of different markets, Hisense has conducted extensive research and modified its products to meet local needs.

Hisense refrigerators performed well in Europe last year. These remarkable results were because Hisense understands the climate makes local produce scarce in winter; therefore, demand for fridge-freezers would rise. Thus, Hisense designed refrigerators with half and half capacity for Europe consumers, which enabled refrigerators sales to soar.

For Hisense, fully connecting with local consumers through emotional linkage and providing superior products are keys to success. Hisense will join hands with UEFA Women’s EURO 2022™ to give fans splendid women’s football match experiences and impress the world through leading-edge technology and better products.