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HOPIUM MACHINA VISION: the hydrogen-powered sedan unveils its interior


One year after the presentation of the first Hopium Machina rolling prototype, the French manufacturer of high-end hydrogen-powered sedans, reveals today its concept car, Hopium Machina Vision, and offers for the first time an immersion inside the cabin.

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Conceived by automotive designer Felix Godard, – previously at Porsche, Tesla or Lucid, – Hopium Machina Vision imagines the future of the Human/Machine relationship.

At the front, the pillar-to-pillar display provides a digital landscape of information, accessible to both driver and passenger. It can transform into a full or minimized layout as desired, in a wave-like motion. The haptic console offers a new sensory connection with the interface.

At the back, passengers can enjoy the comfort of an uncompromising interior space and an unparalleled sky view.

All the materials used for the interior are of the highest quality for the vehicle to stand the test of time and keep its spark, while ensuring both transparency and traceability. These materials have been sourced in Europe to reduce their environmental impact.

The exterior design of the vehicle has been refined: Hopium Machina Vision displays a notchback silhouette that is both athletic and elegant, with a clever balance of proportions. The distinctive elements of Hopium Machina are also present, including the imposing grille that activates to optimize the cooling of the fuel cell system, and the signature lighting inspired by waves on the surface of water.

The model will premiere at the 2022 Paris Motor Show, from October 17th to 23rd.
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Olivier Lombard, the youngest winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans, founded Hopium, a manufacturer of high-end hydrogen-powered vehicles, as an achievement resulting from his experience acquired on the racing circuits. With the automotive culture in his heritage, Olivier Lombard has driven for 7 years hydrogen- powered racing cars, making him the world’s most experienced racer in this field. As an open-air laboratory, the race has allowed Olivier Lombard and his team to reflect on new mobility solutions to meet today’s environmental challenges. While the transportation sector alone is responsible for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, the company is positioning itself as a player in the fight against climate change. Hopium brings together a team of experts and leading partners at the forefront of innovation in the fields of hydrogen fuel cells, technology, and automotive engineering.

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