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“Horrorscope” the graphic novel, adapted and released worldwide


“Horrorscope,” the novel written in 2014 about a psychic who is extorted to provide predictions to the mafia, has been adapted to become a graphic novel. ESW Management is representing the rights.

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The graphic novel, which was recently released, provides in graphic detail the story of a woman who has the ability to predict the future. While at a baseball game with a friend’s son, she calls every play. Unfortunately, the head of the Nicolo mafia crime family was sitting behind her to witness her gift.

When it appears her powers begin to control “the boss,” the underboss has her murdered, which causes a physical manifestation of the signs of the Zodiac, who then seek revenge for her murder.

The novel, and graphic novel are available at A sequel in the works pins the Western Zodiac with the Chinese Zodiac’s in an all-out war against one another.

“There is simply nothing like “Horrorscope,” says Jesse Stenger, who manages the authors. “When you’re watching constant remakes of movies over and over again, this is a refreshing and remarkable story line.”

Kirkus Reviews gave the graphic novel a glowing review, which is rare for an independent group of writers.

In the Kirkus Review, they called “Horrorscope” “A distinctive horror tale with stark characters and radiant artwork.”

With a majority of streaming productions being adapted from graphic novels, Stenger believes the next step is an obvious one.

“Horrorscope” will most definitely end up as a television series on one of the streaming media outlets, and although the silence was deafening when the novel itself came out, that all changed the moment it became a graphic novel and we are excited to see where we know it will end up,” says Stenger.

The book is also available in audiobook format at online audio retailer Audible, an Amazon company.

“Interestingly, Narada Michael Walden, who produced the best-selling soundtrack of all time, Whitney Houston’s “The Bodyguard,” has already written a theme song for ‘Horrorscope’ and we haven’t even begun producing yet. He just sees what we do.”

“It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter only of when “Horrorscope” is produced with real actors. It’s an incredible story, and there is nothing to compare it with, which is rare these days. Everything is a repeat of something else. Not this,” says Stenger.

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SOURCE: ESW Management

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