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How a Noodle Manufacturer Wins Provincial Quality Award


BINZHOU, China, Mar. 22, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

As the Awakening of Insects — one of the traditional Chinese solar terms — arrives, everything comes to life. In the city of Binzhou, Shandong Province, Binzhou Zhongyu Food Co., Ltd.’s high-quality wheat cultivation base is bustling with activity. Every wheat seedling is thriving under the diligent care of farmers, growing vigorously amidst the burgeoning greenery.

Here, it boasts China’s longest and most complete wheat industry chain, where a single grain of wheat can yield over 600 different products across ten major categories.

Here, it has pioneered the “three-industry integration, green recycling”development model in China, where the value of wheat is greatly amplified, multiplying more than once.

Here, supported by the nationally pioneering “three-industry, two-wing, one-cycle”quality management model, a variety of “source, fresh, high-quality”products “march”into over 300,000 supermarkets across the country every day.

Good flour makes good noodles, and good seeds produce good grains. As China’s only wheat processing company with independent breeding capabilities, Binzhou Zhongyu Food Co., Ltd. is deeply committed to revitalizing the seed industry, establishing three teams led by academicians to spearhead breeding efforts, resulting in the independent development of 12 high-quality, high-gluten wheat varieties. With a vast plantation spanning 2.7 million acres, the company guarantees the cultivation of premium wheat for its orders, ensuring the use of fresh, high-quality wheat kernels each year. Regarding noodle processing, it leads the nation by introducing automated raw material supply and product packaging technologies, enabling vacuum-sealed, purified water and flour, thereby minimizing human contact with the final product while maintaining quality and flavor.

With the mission of “providing good food for people worldwide,” Binzhou Zhongyu Food Co., Ltd. has focused on wheat as the staple food for over 20 years. The company has strategically cultivated an ecological agriculture sector with wheat as its cornerstone, complemented by a robust food processing sector as the vital link, and an innovative modern service industry as its driving force. They form an integrated industrial chain service complex, embodying the complete utilization of a single grain of wheat. This closed-loop system achieves “zero pollution, zero emissions”as it originates from the land and returns to the land.

Source: Information Office of People's Government of Binzhou