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Huatai in Shandong’s Yanggu Seizes New Opportunities for Digital Transformation


YANGGU, China, July 10, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

“We deeply realize that promoting industrial digitization is a key engine for developing new quality productive forces.” On July 3, Wang Wenbo, chairman and general manager of Shandong Yanggu Huatai Chemical Co., Ltd., stated. “Currently, the company has invested more than 50 million yuan in building intelligent factory digital management platform and information center. The project was initiated in May 2021 and put into full operation at the end of 2023.”

Since its launch, the platform has enabled Huatai to establish an integrated information platform, hence achieving business alignment and data sharing between production and operations. Leveraging the company’s robust management system, a digital management workflow has been implemented, ensuring traceable and collaborative management of business processes. Rich software and hardware configurations, such as personnel positioning, intelligent video applications, and special operations, have enabled intelligent inspection, comprehensive monitoring, analysis, early warning, and response for safety, environmental protection, and emergency situations, thereby enhancing the level of green and safe production management. Equipment inspections and online monitoring have been implemented to manage the entire lifecycle of equipment and monitor energy consumption, thus providing data support and improvement basis for energy conservation. Digital management systems such as ten-thousand-tonnage intelligent three-dimensional warehouses, raw material intensive warehouses, and one-card access to and from the factory have been executed to achieve efficient and precise management of raw materials and products from entering the factory to delivery after leaving the factory.

The digital platform empowers new fields. Empowered by its digital platform, Huatai is poised to accelerate its expansion into new areas such as biotechnology and advanced polymers, creating new competitive advantages. In the domain of biomass applications, Huatai worked with Nanjing Tech University and academician Ying Hanjie’s team and set up a joint venture company, Huatai Muyuan with an investment of 150 million yuan, aiming to develop the high-value application of lignin in the rubber additive field and lead the industry towards the transformation and upgrading of bio-based materials replacing fossil-based ones. Regarding the hot vulcanization adhesive project, the company has independently developed the synthesis technology of key materials with the support of the National Rubber Additives Engineering Technology Research Center. The resulting product performance matches that of imported equivalents, breaking the decades-long technological dominance of U.S. companies such as DuPont and Dow.

Going forward, Huatai will adhere to the development concept of “Technology-driven Huatai” and “Green Huatai” to make advancements in green and digital chemical engineering. Moreover, Huatai will leverage new technologies and products to contribute to the digital transformation and economic and social development of the entire county.

Source: Information Office of Yanggu County People's Government