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Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia: Over Ten Thousand People Gathered on the Snowy Grasslands to Experience the Speed and Passion of the Winter Naadam Fair


On December 17, the 20th Ice and Snow Naadam Fair of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region kicked off in the Huhenuoer Scenic Area of Chen Barga Banner, known as "the hometown of Naadam culture in China", in Hulun Buir. Over ten thousand tourists from several countries such as Russia, Mongolia, Malaysia and various regions of China attended the grand winter carnival despite extremely cold weather at a temperature of below minus 40 degrees Centigrade, and enjoyed the magnificent landscape and cultural charm of the vast snowy grasslands in Hulun Buir.

Before the opening ceremony, a series of activities including intangible heritage cultural creation, food tasting, driving experience, livestreaming attracted the attention of a constant stream of tourists, according to Hulun Buir Convergence Media Center. The "Hulun Buir Hotpot" season tasting event was the most popular, with five large copper pots set up in the commercial area. The steaming copper pots were surrounded by diners, who felt deeply impressed by the taste of the freshly boiled grassland beef and mutton dipped in delicious jade green leek flower sauce.

The opening ceremony was crowded with enthusiastic performers and tourists. There were 200 Mongolian horses galloping in the snow, 60 camels reproducing the grand scene of the long Tea Road, and over 600 herdsmen and tourists dressed in various national costumes, dancing hand in hand, whose elegant and dynamic dancing postures and cordial and bright smiles appealed to everyone in the audience, unveiling the Ice and Snow Naadam Fair cheerfully.

In the thrilling and exciting horse racing, Mongolian wrestling embodying strength and chivalrous sportsmanship, and archery of holding a breath and concentrating, with the motto of being valorous and skillful in battle and never giving up, strong warriors on the grasslands fight courageously in fierce competition, while getting along well like brothers and appreciating each other in daily life.

During the Ice and Snow Naadam Fair, Hulun Buir focuses on the theme of "Celebrating the 14th National Winter Olympics, Encountering Naadam", and will also hold 15 other exciting and distinctive activities such as Hulun Buir (Hailar) Winter Heroes Assembly, Genhe China Cold Pole Marathon, and the Oroqen Ice and Snow Festival.

Source: Hulun Buir Convergence Media Center

Source: Hulun Buir Convergence Media Center