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Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-joon wins the Korea CEO Award

SEOUL, South Korea

Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-joon received the 2023 Korea CEO Award from the Leading Future Agendas of Business & Society for his contribution to economic growth, driven by his go-ahead entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional management skills.

The Korea CEO Award is a prestigious award presented by the nation’s largest academic society, Leading Future Agendas of Business & Society, since 1987s. Past recipients include Samsung’s late chairman Lee Kun-hee and Hyundai Group’s late chairman Chung Ju-yung.

Chairman Cho Hyun-joon was named for the award by unanimous consent of the award committee. The committee recognized Cho’s contribution to growing his company into a global enterprise through its world-renowned products such as spandex and tire cord, and establishment of a global production network.

In addition, his efforts in building the foundation of the hydrogen industry, developing cutting-edge new materials, and expanding into eco-friendly business were recognized for increasing the company’s future growth values.

During the award acceptance speech, Cho said, “I am honored to receive this valuable award from the Society that has promoted innovation in management, introducing advanced management skills”, adding “I shall continue to maintain customer confidence and develop technologies to become the world’s leader.”

Source: Hyosung Corporation