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HYOSUNG Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho actively works for greater economic cooperation between Korea and Japan

SEOUL, South Korea

HYOSUNG Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho, declared his active engagement to establish global relationships with customers all over the world in 2023. As a representative material enterprise of Korea, HYOSUNG is operating businesses in 27 countries worldwide.

Especially, Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho has recently publicly expressed his interest in Japan, raising hopes for the HYOSUNG-Japan partnership. At the “29th Korea-Japan Joint Economic Meeting” last year, Chairman Cho emphasized the cooperation between the two nations, saying “financial cooperation between Korea and Japan is crucial.”

Chairman Cho is regarded as an expert on the Japanese market in the financial sector. With a Master’s degree in political science from Keio University, he has 5 years of experience working at Japanese companies, including Mitsubishi. He is known to read the Nikkei to better understand Japanese market trends.

He has been the vice-chairman of the Korea-Japan Economic Association since 2014 and has been reelected this year to serve his 10th year in a row.

In 2021, Chairman Cho visited the HYOSUNG HEAVY INDUSTRIES’ ultra-high voltage transformer factory in Tennessee to increase HYOSUNG’s influence on the US market and discussed cooperative measures with Senator Bill Hagerty.

Source: Hyosung Corporation