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Incredible viewing figures for the Golden Trail World Series in 2022!

ANNECY, France

It’s time to take stock after the amazing season experienced by the Golden Trail Series in 2022. And to say that it was excellent in terms of audiences with twice as many viewers in 2022 than in 2021.

People love live programmes
The live broadcasts of the Golden Trail World Series (on the GTS website or YouTube) enjoyed resounding success in 2022 with nearly 650,000 viewers following the GTWS races this year. Add to that Trail Running Insider and episodes of Chasing Dreams, the web series at the beginning of the season, and you have 4.7 million videos watched on Golden Trail Series platforms representing over 49 million minutes of videos seen. With the live programmes alone, the Golden Trail Series managed to double its audience compared to 2021, proof of the growing interest in GTWS and trail running! This interest led almost 140 television channels around the world to broadcast our videos and made sure that Chasing Dreams was watched by over 10 million people!

2022 GTWS in figures

4.7M: the number of videos watched on the Golden Trail Series YouTube channel during the 2022 season.
10M: the number of views for Chasing Dreams episodes around the world on TV channels.
49M minutes watched in total this year.
650K viewers watched live broadcasts on the YouTube channel.
228 athletes scored at least one point this season (116 men and 112 women).
€30,300: total prize money won by 2022 ladies’ champion Nienke Brinkman during the GTWS (€21,300 for the final in Madeira).
€27,750: total prize money won by 2022 men’s champion Rémi Bonnet during the GTWS (€20,850 for the final in Madeira).
36 nationalities represented in the 2022 GTWS rankings from 6 different continents!

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