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Indiggo Announces the 2022 ROL100(TM) Ranking in Partnership with Fortune


– How do companies like Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and UPS rank in Return On Leadership(R)?

Today, Indiggo [ ] announced the 2nd annual ROL100(TM) [ ] ranking in partnership with Fortune.

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The ROL100(TM) is a forward-looking ranking featuring a groundbreaking leadership metric for purpose-driven execution. It is a unique metric that captures the Return On Leadership(R) (ROL(TM)) of the top 100 companies in the Fortune 500.

This year’s top-ranked companies in the ROL100(TM) include Microsoft [ ], UnitedHealth Group [ ], and Goldman Sachs [ ]. The biggest gainers from the 2021 ranking include Sysco (up 62), Ford Motor [ ] (up 57), Anthem [ ] (up 49), and UPS [ ] (up 49).

ROL(TM) is a key indicator of how well a company is positioned for future success. Insights [ ] from this year’s ranking confirm the predictive nature of Return On Leadership(R). Comparing year over year results, companies in the top quartile of the 2021 ROL100(TM) ranking outperformed companies in the bottom quartile in several key financial metrics in 2022.

Other key insights:

– A comparison between those that trended up vs down year over year reveals
a significant correlation between ranking and financial performance.
Reinforcing the predictive nature of ROL(TM), upward trending companies
outperformed downward trending companies on 3-year revenue growth, 3-year
TSR, and EBITDA per employee.
– There is a consistent significant relationship between a high ROL100(TM)
ranking and positive ratings from employees.

Return On Leadership(R) was created by Indiggo, an AI SaaS platform provider that allows companies to drive, measure, and predict their ROL(TM) at scale every day.

To see the full ROL100(TM) ranking, please visit:

“Leaders are dealing with critical imperatives, including increased stakeholder demands, a hybrid work environment, and the great resignation. A radically new world requires a radically new way of working”, said Janeen Gelbart, CEO & co-founder of Indiggo.

Gelbart continues, “Integrating purpose, strategy and action is the only way to address the root cause of these issues but is one of the most difficult things to achieve quickly at scale. There has been a lot of talk, but no concrete way to solve these critical issues. That drove us to create Indiggo’s software solution.”

Return On Leadership(R) is based on four fundamentals:

1. Connection to Purpose
2. Strategic Clarity
3. Leadership Alignment
4. Focused Action

To calculate the ROL100(TM) ranking, each of the four fundamentals was evaluated by a team of experts, leveraging AI, and based on information publicly available to all stakeholders.

About Indiggo
Indiggo’s AI SaaS platform is the first solution to integrate purpose, strategy, and agile leadership action at scale. It leverages AI to help managers at every level to strengthen their connection to purpose and deliver on key imperatives, while also reducing burnout. A critical component of the solution is the ROL(TM) metric, which calculates individual, department, and enterprise level Return On Leadership(R) scores, to set organizations up for future success.

To learn more about Indiggo, visit [ ] .

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