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Innodisk is Presenting the AIoT Solutions at Embedded World 2023

Innodisk will participate in Embedded World 2023, showcasing various AIoT and industrial embedded module solutions during the exhibition.

Moving towards the post-pandemic recovery, Innodisk( has proactively expanded its overseas markets. To demonstrate its commitment to AIoT strategic development, Innodisk announced its participation at Embedded World 2023. Innodisk will showcase various AIoT and industrial embedded module solutions during the exhibition. With the innovation and R&D capability for intelligence development, Innodisk aims to facilitate the industry transformation towards smart cities, smart manufacturing, and other intelligent applications.

Smart City: AIoT Traffic Enforcement & AIoT Smart Charging Station Solutions

Leveraging AI technology to optimize traffic has been a favored way in the smart city development framework. Innodisk integrates its AI edge computing platform and its subsidiary Aetina’s( AI accelerator card module to form the AIoT Traffic Enforcement Solution. The solution detects drivers’ parking behavior with AI machine vision to avoid traffic violations and improve city governance performance.

Besides, for the growing demands of electric vehicles, Innodisk is introducing the AIoT smart Charging Station Solution integrating the AI edge computing platform and the InnoAgent Out-Of-Band (OOB) Remote Management Module( to realize continuous data collection, system monitoring, and remote debugging for the charging equipment across the world. The solution can restart the power during system failures or while offline to optimize edge device management and reduce downtime.

Smart Manufacturing: AIoT Industrial Safety Solution

Intelligent applications have helped many enterprises to achieve smart factories. However, large robotic arms hurting the operators are still a safety concern. Therefore, Innodisk introduces the AIoT Industrial Safety Solution, which can set a safe operating area and detect if the operators wear helmets and reflections in compliance. The solution employs the AI edge computing platform using AMD-Xilinx FPGA solutions( as the core and integrates a USB camera module( supporting low-light conditions. Not only it enhances workplace safety but productivity.

Moreover, with Innodisk’s dedication to software and hardware integration and connectivity for AIoT application development, at Embedded World 2023, Innodisk will also showcase the software of iVIT SDK and iCAP cloud management platform, and hardware solutions, including the high DWPD Edge Server SSDs and the InnoEX virtual I/O expansion module( for fragile smart implementation as well as the world’s first Ultra Temperature DDR5 DRAM Module that can operate from -40°C to 105°C.

With the outstanding exhibits, Innodisk looks forward to enhancing sales in the European market and raising brand awareness to show its AIoT performance toward global customers.

SOURCE-Innodisk Corporation

Source: Innodisk Corporation