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Innodisk Showcases Innovative Edge AI Computing Capabilities at Computex 2022

Innodisk will expand the promotion of innovative R&D achievements and its AI strategy, hoping to drive a new wave of global business growth and exposure to the brand.

Innodisk(, the world’s leading industrial-grade storage and embedded peripheral manufacturer, is actively combining software and hardware integration, remote management, and data security to make a strong impact on the Edge AI computing market.

At Computex 2022, Innodisk exhibited the world’s first industrial-grade PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe SSD( with namespace technology, which delivers better read and write efficiency, and a longer lifespan. Offering a temperature tolerance of -40 degrees, all the way up to 85 degrees Celsius, as well as support for AES 256-bit encryption, this SSD is a game changer for industrial applications.

In the face of harsh environments and new types of industrial control systems, Innodisk introduced the world’s first Ultra Temperature DDR4 DRAM module(, which goes beyond the typical industrial-grade temperature range to support -40 degrees to a scorching 125 degrees Celsius. The series brings new features to the table, opens the door for new applications, and passes multiple strict tests to prove its industrial resilience.

Innodisk also showcased the first M.2 2280-to-single 10GbE Base-T Ethernet module(, which is the smallest 10GbE expansion solution available today, and ten times faster than standard Ethernet.

In addition to these exciting new products, Innodisk presented a new AI exhibition area to showcase the application results of smart retail, smart factory, smart transportation, and smart infrastructure. Innodisk also showed off these applications through a live demo.

In particular, Innodisk is excited to present its smart retail solutions, which include the combined remote management capabilities of InnoAge SSDs( with wireless transmission technologies from its subsidiaries Millitronic( Additionally, Innodisk and its partners jointly launched an integrated image recognition solution so self-checkout systems can automatically identify items and calculate quantities of goods through AI intelligent computing.

Moving forward in 2022, Innodisk will work hard to expand the integration of its subsidiary’s products and R&D capacity, and promote industrial AI intelligence through the resource integration of partners, helping customers to more effectively practice AI intelligent applications and realize their corporate vision.

Randy Chien, Chairman of Innodisk said, “Innodisk has been operating in the global market with an international brand mindset for many years now. Innodisk is actively deploying various emerging AI technologies into the field. With the gradual opening of the global market and the resumption of business activities, Innodisk will also expand the promotion of innovative R&D achievements and its AI strategy, hoping to drive a new wave of global business growth and exposure to the brand.”

Source: Innodisk Corporation