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Innovation and Development Conference was held in Nanjing for Nanjing Normal University’s 120th anniversary

Nanjing Normal University's 120th anniversary

After twelve decades of ever-growing excellence, Nanjing Normal University (NNU) celebrated its 120th anniversary on September 10th, the 38th Chinese Teachers’ Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Alumni and guests from all sectors, faculties, staff and students gathered together to celebrate the 120 years’ magnificent journey of NNU. The Innovation and Development Conference for Nanjing Normal University’s 120th Anniversary of its establishment was held in the sports center on Xianlin Campus.

Attendees included Du Yubo, member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chairman of the China Association of Higher Education, Hu Jinbo, Secretary of the CPC Nanjing University Committee, Xiang Zhang, President of the University of Hong Kong and Ma Xin, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government delivered speeches for congratulations to all teachers and students of NNU and alumni from all walks of life at home and abroad.

A total of 105 domestic and foreign universities sent congratulatory letters or videos. Leaders from more than 40 universities were present at the conference on the site, including University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Nanjing University and Southeast University. Representatives of current and former leaders, teachers and students of NNU also attended the conference. It was presided over by Wang Chengbin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the university.

The construction and development of NNU have received care and encouragement. In the first half of this year, Nanjing Normal University’s 120th Anniversary Artwork Exhibition of Fine Arts Education was held at the National Art Museum of China, displaying more than 240 fine works of calligraphy and painting from different historical periods. Peng Peiyun, former Vice Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, gladly inscribed words with high praise for the university.

NNU will carry on its fine traditions established in the past 120 years and achieve new glories on the next journey. It will always stay true to the original aspiration and mission to cultivate talents. It will build on past achievements and pursue new progress in a righteous and innovative way. Thereby it can build itself into a distinctive first-class university to open a new chapter in the development of NNU and make more contributions to building education powerhouse.

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Source: Nanjing Normal University