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INSEAD launches LEAD – its first 12-month transformational flagship online programme


The innovative enhanced learning journey prepare executives to Lead, Engage, Advance, Drive (LEAD) — in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world

INSEAD, The Business School for the World, today announced the launch of LEAD(, its first 12-month flagship online executive education programme to help executives lead in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world.

As the world’s leading pioneer in leadership development, the INSEAD LEAD programme is built to offer a transformative, rigorous and impactful learning journey for executives to respond to volatile and ambiguous contexts, looking beyond short-term gains to understand the larger context and create sustainable value and impact for various stakeholders.

The INSEAD LEAD advantage:

-LEAD yourself, your team and your organisation

The programme goes deeper and further than many other executive education offerings, and is laser-focused on competencies of organisational leadership and aims to thoroughly transform participants’ critical competencies and their ability to deliver global impact.

-ENGAGE with world-renowned INSEAD faculty, coaches and an international peer community

The rich and diverse cohort of faculty and coaches will challenge and encourage participants to advance how they navigate through business complexities, and lead with meaningful and sustainable impact.

-ADVANCE your understanding and your personal development

The programme leverages INSEAD’s proficiency in online, virtual and blended learning to deliver high-impact, multi-dimensional and interactive learning experiences. Participants will explore critical business areas and continuously rethinking what it means for them to lead.

-DRIVE sustainable value and meaningful change in your leadership and across your organisation

The world is currently facing multiple disruptions, from supply chains challenges to geopolitical and energy crises. Where leaders sometimes struggle is discerning the real trends and shifts that are affecting business. The programme offers the tools and techniques to help participants know precisely where to focus energy and resources –by basing on three core pillars: Sensing Value, Delivering Value, and Sustaining Value.

Charles Galunic(, Programme Director for INSEAD LEAD and Professor of Organisational Behaviour, says, “As leaders grapple with today’s complex world, they look to create lasting value amidst all the noise and obstacles. INSEAD LEAD enables executives to gain specialised tools to expand their capabilities, and to develop their vision to create enduring value and impact for their stakeholders. The impactful and rigorous 12-month learning journey helps executives to see the world through multiple lenses and drive meaningful impact and relevant results.”

Severine Guilloux, INSEAD Chief Marketing Officer, comments, “INSEAD has always been at the forefront of innovation and is one of the leading business schools in the world dedicated towards delivering immersive online executive education experiences, which has resulted in outstanding completion rates and strong engagement of the participants. This programme design reflects the two years that we spent closely looking at the changing needs of executives, not only from the point of view of what they learn, but how they learn. The unique learning design is an excellent fit for busy executives looking to advance their career and make an impact. It will be a truly transformational experience.”

Flexible and high-impact learning experience

One big advantage of LEAD is that participants can learn at a pace convenient to their schedules. Complex concepts are delivered in short snippets in the most comprehensible way though online and asynchronous delivery. The learning journey is further enhanced by live (synchronous) touchpoints, live virtual presentations, and an in-person capstone at INSEAD Europe campus.

Learn more about the INSEAD LEAD Programme here( The first intake begins 29 Nov 2022.

SOURCE: INSEAD, The Business School for the World

Source: INSEAD, The Business School for the World