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Intangible Cultural Heritage – Feixian County Painted Sculpture


FEIXIAN, China, June 5, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

Painted sculpture is a traditional Chinese sculptural craft that is an integral part of Chinese culture and folk art. It serves as a significant material for studying Chinese history, archaeology, folklore, sculpture, and aesthetics. The craft of Feixian County Painted Sculpture has its roots in traditional techniques, with artworks crafted mainly from clay.

Image: Feixian County Painted Sculpture

Sun Lili, an inheritor of Feixian County Painted Sculpture, has dedicated herself to mastering this intangible cultural heritage. Over the years, she has created numerous intangible heritage products with distinctive Yimeng characteristics, contributing to the preservation and continuation of traditional culture.

In her efforts to explore the development of painted sculpture, she has delved into creating painted sculpture dishes – visually stunning “delicacies” that are hard to distinguish from the real thing. Her unique techniques, exceptional craftsmanship, and lifelike forms capture the essence of the art. Through inheritance and innovation, she has infused painted sculpture with contemporary significance.

Sun Lili is also passionate about promoting and sharing the essence of painted sculpture art to ensure its development and inheritance. To raise awareness and appreciation for this art form, she established painted sculpture studios and training classes, attracting enthusiasts from all over the country to learn this craft. This initiative has provided her with the opportunity to share and teach painted sculpture techniques to more enthusiasts.

Sun Lili frequently participates in various exhibitions and exchange events held at the county and city levels to improve her skills through learning and interaction. By leveraging media platforms, television stations, public welfare activities, and intangible cultural heritage initiatives in schools, she actively promotes the craftsmanship of Feixian County Painted Sculpture, thus elevating its prominence.

Source: Information Office of Feixian County People's Government