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Intangible Cultural Heritage Radiates New Vigor in Huaiyin District of Ji’nan

JI'NAN, China
Pottery sculptures of "72 Best Disciples of Confucius"

During the recent China International Cultural Tourism Expo in Huaiyin District of Ji'nan, the handicrafts of Shandong took center stage. Huaiyin District has always been known for its rich history and cultural resources. The abundant intangible cultural heritage has breathed life into the city's development and has become a significant driving force for the district's economy and tourism industry, according to the News Office of the People's Government of Huaiyin District.

Shandong embroidery is an ancient traditional art form that has been passed down since the Spring and Autumn Period. In Huaiyin District of Ji'nan, Dai Ji Shandong Embroidery has ingeniously integrated traditional attire and contemporary elements with Shandong embroidery. Each stitch intricately captures the essence of Ji'nan's lotus flowers and spring water on silk ribbons and pendants, effectively serving as a promotional symbol for introducing Ji'nan and its Spring City culture to a wider audience.

The tradition of pottery sculpture dates back to ancient times and has evolved through inheritance, innovation, and development, showcasing a timeless and distinctive charm. Wang Lingtao, an intangible cultural heritage inheritor from Huaiyin District of Ji'nan, skillfully integrates traditional Confucian culture into pottery sculpture. Using clay, he creates statues of Confucius in various forms and images, enabling a transcendent dialogue with Confucius across millennia. He has pioneered the "Confucian Scene" series, including pottery sculptures of the "72 Best Disciples of Confucius," effectively blending traditional Confucian and pottery sculpture cultures with contemporary relevance, thus promoting a greater understanding of Confucius among the public.

Source: News Office of the People's Government of Huaiyin District

Source: News Office of the People's Government of Huaiyin District