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Intersec 5G-ready geolocation platform accelerates positioning use case enablement


Intersec (or the “Company”), a global leader in mobility and activity data solutions, announced the acceleration of the adoption of its 5G-ready geolocation platform by tier-one carriers around the world, enabling them to monetize new 5G positioning use cases, in compliance with data privacy regulations. The platform has already been selected by tier-one telecom operators in France, Canada, Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam and, Hong Kong.

“The arrival of 5G opens a wide range of geolocation use cases for mobile operators, public authorities, media, manufacturing, automotive, and transportation industries,” said Intersec CEO Yann Chevalier. “Performance requirements in terms of accuracy, availability, latency, and reliability encourage operators to go beyond connectivity and capitalize on new revenue streams to seize sustainable growth opportunities”.

The Intersec platform [ ]collects anonymized location datasets on a mass scale, computes insights, detects pre-defined or machine-learned patterns in real-time, and triggers relevant instant actions. By bringing its positioning accuracy down to the meter thanks to 5G, it enables CSPs to fully leverage top-of-the-shelf location-based applications, unlock monetization opportunities with existing use cases, and seamlessly plug in any new and disruptive use cases.

Over the past 12 years, Intersec has developed a comprehensive catalog of active and passive geolocation integration schemes, providing cellular, subcellular, and indoor accuracy. 5G achieves unprecedented precision thanks to the use of millimeter waves and beamforming, unleashing the potential of the RF Fingerprinting technology. By combining those geolocation techniques in the 5G ecosystem, the Intersec platform enables a higher spatial and temporal accuracy, optimizes network resources, reduces blind spots, and provides enhanced tracking capabilities.

For more information, Intersec experts will be hosting a 5G geolocation webinar [ ] on February 15th.

About Intersec
Founded in 2004, Intersec is a global leader in location and mobility data solutions. Intersec offers innovative and disruptive software enabling fast data analytics, mass communication, and AI-based decisions. Its industry-focused products enable private and public organizations to turn geodata into actionable insights in the fields of contextual marketing, geolocated advertising, public safety, smart cities, and IoTs. With more than 100 clients in 80 countries, Intersec currently enables its customers to leverage the location of nearly one billion humans and connected objects. Learn more at Follow Intersec on LinkedIn [ ].

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