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Invivoscribe Appoints Masato Sasaki as General Manager of LabPMM, GK (Japan)


Invivoscribe is pleased to announce the appointment of Masato Sasaki as General Manager of LabPMM GK, our reference laboratory in Japan. Mr. Sasaki brings a wealth of scientific experience with him as he served at Illumina K.K. (Japan) as a leader on their clinical next-generation sequencing (NGS) team, and at both Illumina K.K. and Qiagen K.K. where he introduced companion diagnostic (CDx) products in collaboration with pharmaceutical partners. He also brings a deep understanding of Japanese culture, customs, and business practices, essential for growing Invivoscribe’s business in Japan and APAC region.

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Overseeing the overall operations of the company, Masato will ensure that LabPMM GK, a wholly owned subsidiary of Invivoscribe, meets its goals and objectives. He will also be involved in making strategic decisions to help the company grow and succeed, and will ensure LabPMM GK remains in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Further, in managing the team and leading by example, Masato will build and maintain relationships with other companies and organizations that are important to Invivoscribe’s success with customers, internal and external stakeholders, and industry partners.

“Japan has a large and rapidly growing market for clinical cancer treatment. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Japan, and the country has a high incidence of several types of cancers, including lung, stomach, and colorectal cancer,” according to the Japanese Ministry of Health.

Japan has a wide range of cancer treatments available and there has been a growing interest in targeted therapies, which by specifically targeting driver mutations or other characteristics of cancers are typically safer and more effective than conventional treatments. The Japanese government has implemented a number of measures to support the development and availability of cancer treatments. These include funding for cancer research, reimbursement for cancer treatments, and efforts to improve access to cancer care for patients in remote and underserved areas.

Japan is also home to a number of leading pharmaceutical companies that are active in the area of oncology. These companies are involved in the development, manufacture, and marketing of cancer treatments, including both small molecule drugs and biologics. Accordingly, Japan is an attractive destination for clinical trials, due to its large patient population and its well-established regulatory framework. Many international pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical trials in Japan to test new cancer treatments and therapies.

“Overall, the clinical cancer market in Japan is a large and rapidly growing market, with a wide range of treatments available and a high level of government support,” according to Masato Sasaki.

“We need a strong entrepreneurial leader who understands the Japanese market, can inspire and guide our Japan team to execute and achieve their goals. There are many qualities that can contribute to being an effective leader. We hit the jackpot with Mr. Sasaki; he ticks all of the boxes. Invivoscribe is excited to see the wonderful work that he and his team at LabPMM GK in Japan will accomplish,” says Dr. Jeffrey Miller, founder and CEO of Invivoscribe and LabPMM.

About Invivoscribe

Invivoscribe is a global, vertically-integrated biotechnology company dedicated to Improving Lives with Precision Diagnostics(R). For almost thirty years, Invivoscribe has improved the quality of healthcare worldwide by providing high quality, standardized reagents, tests, and bioinformatics tools to advance the field of precision medicine. Invivoscribe has a successful track record of partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies interested in developing and commercializing companion diagnostics, and provides expertise in both regulatory and laboratory services. Providing distributable kits, as well as clinical trial services through its globally located clinical lab subsidiaries (LabPMM), Invivoscribe is an ideal partner from diagnostic development, through clinical trials, regulatory submissions, and commercialization. For additional information, please visit or contact us at and follow us on Linked In ( ).

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