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IPLUSMOBOT Takes Part in the Korean Smart Factory and Automation World Exhibition, With Aim to Make Intelligent Manufacturing Logistics More Efficient

SEOUL, South Korea
IPLUSMOBOT Bring Smart Factory Solution in Korean Smart Factory and Automation World Exhibition (AGV/AMR)

IPLUSMOBOT, the leading Chinese provider for full-area, intelligent manufacturing logistics solutions, is taking part in the Korean Smart Factory and Automation World Exhibition, held in the Seoul Coex International Convention and Exhibition Center in South Korea from April 6 to 8, 2022.

Occupying Booth C500, the company is offering independently-developed, highly flexible and reliable natural navigation AMR products and smart manufacturing logistics solutions that closely meet the application needs of the industry, thereby enabling the global transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.


As a pioneer in the field of intelligent mobile robots, IPLUSMOBOT has over 20 years of experience working in precipitation technology with a focus on the intelligent manufacturing field. By providing a full range of natural, trackless navigation AMR matrices, combined with flexible scheduling and material management software, IPLUSMOBOT provides strong support for the digitization and intellectualization of manufacturing enterprises.

The direction for IPLUSMOBOT has always been to offer insight into user needs and issues, and to provide targeted products. In 2019, IPLUSMOBOT was the first in the industry to put forward an “end-to-end unmanned” operation, successively overcoming more than 100 invisible technical difficulties in “end-to-end unmanned production line logistics,” and helping leading domestic and international manufacturers reduce costs and increase efficiency while realizing flexible production.

At the exhibition, the EMMA mobile robot fleet, which adopts IPLUSMOBOT’s self-developed and integrated navigation technology, used the multi-robot scheduling management system combined with the smart check algorithm for unified control to dock different material racks and complete the flexible transportation of materials accurately and efficiently.

To conform with smart factory operation requirements, the EMMA series of robots developed by IPLUSMOBOT have a 400kg-1000kg load, are able to accurately and seamlessly dock the assembly lines’ connecting stations, and can pass through a narrow 70cm-wide channel, thereby greatly improving logistics transportation efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, during operations, the EMMA series of robots can flexibly switch between laser navigation and visual texture navigation in accordance with the location needs, easily adapting to different on-site environments, such as an accumulation of material on the production line, high personnel flow, mixed operations involving personnel and vehicles, etc. The robots can do this with an operational accuracy of ± 2mm / 0.2°, thereby meeting high-precision docking requirements.

Currently, IPLUSMOBOT products and solutions are being used across countries and regions all over the world, and in more than 1,000 services. These business scenarios cover industries using semiconductors, FPDs, electronics, lithium-ion batteries, photovoltaics, automobiles, aviation, home appliances, medicine, energy, food, and other manufacturing industries. IPLUSMOBOT is dedicated to upgrading services for the global intelligent manufacturing industry by solving issues across different industries and application scenarios, and providing better products and solutions to one-step smart manufacturing logistics.

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