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iREX 2022 Shed the Light on the Newest Robot Technologies

Mech-Mind at iREX 2022

The iREX 2022 was concluded with great success. The 4-day event from March 9-12 in Tokyo offered over 62,000 visitors a close-up experience with 637 companies and organizations all over the world.

As one of the largest robot trade shows in the world, iREX exhibited the latest robot technologies and products, providing manufacturers and companies worldwide a perfect opportunity for exchanging insights and expanding new business.

AI + 3D Robot Solution Caught the Eye at iREX 2022

Robots combined with the ever-evolving robot technologies are indispensable for industrial automation. Upholding the theme of ‘the way towards a friendlier society, bridged by robots’, iREX 2022 offered space for 3060 booths to showcase the ongoing robot technologies and the latest trends of robotic automation.

The AI + 3D vision-guided robots, among all the robot technologies and products shown at 3060 booths, attracted the most visitors on site, making Mech-Mind Robotics one of the most popular exhibitors at iREX 2022.

Its AI + 3D vision-guided bin picking solution was extremely eye-catching as the vision-guided robots could handle the most challenging objects in the way of outstanding flexibility, excellent stability, and fast cycle time.

Meanwhile, Mech-Mind, which shared the largest booth at iREX 2022, also exhibited its flagship products — Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras and its all-in-one industrial solutions, including mixed case palletizing, parcel induction, high-precision measurement, defect detection, etc. And its innovative solutions have been deployed at thousands of factories and warehouses in logistics, manufacturing, the food industry, and more.

Watch this video to explore more details about Mech-Mind at iREX 2022:

About Mech-Mind Robotics

Founded in 2016, Mech-Mind is a fast-growing intelligent robotics startup and has already become one of the industry-leading providers in the world. Keeping its mission – to drive the ubiquity of intelligent robots in mind, Mech-Mind has developed an extensive portfolio of products and robot solutions combined with 3D vision, deep learning, and several other advanced AI technologies.

To meet the ever-growing demand of the global market, Mech-Mind has continued to expand its footprint and capacities worldwide. Mech-Mind always values its partners all around the world. Therefore, after its debut in the Japanese market, Mech-Mind also opened an office in Tokyo in 2021 with local engineers and sales teams to provide local partners better service.

Mech-Mind Japan

Address: 1st Floor, Ichiboshi Shiba Building, Shiba 2-2-14, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81-3-6809-5433
Fax: +81-3-6898-5948

Source: Mech-Mind Robotics