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Is there really such thing as a free lunch in automation? Parascript’s Accelerator Program is as close as it gets.


Let’s get to the punchline: We’re not interested in selling you our software. We’re only interested in delivering results.

In a day when most vendors focus on booked sales, leaving their customers to manage the incredible costs and risks associated with achieving a successful technology adoption project, there has to be a better way. When is the last time you worked side-by-side with a vendor where they took on the risk of meeting your expectations? One that didn’t involve a mountain of professional services invoices and change orders? That’s no way to partner.

Parascript believes the time has come to leverage powerful machine learning where it really counts: delivering actual results without the traditional complexity-driven costs and risks. And we’re ready to prove it.

“With our new Accelerator program, clients get a minimum of 50% cost reduction and there is no need to buy anything”, said Dawn Wood, VP of Sales at Parascript. “No upfront capital expenditures or ongoing subscriptions. No professional services for configuration and deployment. No ongoing babysitting of the system. No rip-and-replace of your current technology investment.”

What Makes the Program Possible?

Parascript can offer a no-risk program focused on delivered results because of the significant investment in modernizing its capabilities targeted at simultaneously reducing the cost and complexity associated with IDP deployments while also ensuring high-levels of performance.

Called “Smart Learning” the system uses a variety of machine learning techniques, each tailored to optimize a specific task. Smart learning can learn in several different modes including unattended operating only on tagged data. Once in production, performance is monitored in the background with no disruption to workflow and automatically optimizes and adapts to new requirements and data.

“Unlike other enterprise software, there has always been a barrier to adoption with document automation, largely because ROI is based upon high levels of precise data delivery”, said Greg Council, VP of Marketing & Product Management at Parascript. “Achieving high performance requires a lot of effort not only to learn the software, but also to spend time and effort acquiring data sets, configuring the system, and then optimizing it to ensure high data quality. Smart Learning effectively turns all these manual, risky, complex efforts into reliable, low-cost compute time.”

“We carefully evaluate different machine learning techniques for each type of task, focused on marrying optimal performance with simplicity”, added Igor Kil, Senior VP of R&D at Parascript. “This approach results in a system without the inherent weaknesses of other machine learning solutions solely based upon one or a few types of machine learning.”

How it Works

Each engagement starts with an emphasis on key aspects required to achieve a client’s automation and cost reduction needs. From there, Parascript handles training data collection, curation, and analysis culminating in Smart Learning developing optimized models. We then test the system with blind test data to verify the level of performance against client expectations. Once accepted, we deliver the system and integrate it into your existing workflow taking care to minimize any disruption to existing processes and workflows that need to be preserved. Once in production, the system maintains performance automatically with the client achieving immediate operational savings. Parascript only gets its revenue from the cost savings verified by the client.

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About Parascript

Parascript sells not just software, we sell actual, verifiable results that save companies over $1B annually. Customers choose Parascript when they want to use applied AI to achieve an optimized data capture solution with the highest levels of reliable automation. Parascript has over three decades of experience applying AI to solve complex problems, automating document-oriented processes that involve over 100 billion documents each year. We have automated the postal industry, commercial mailrooms, government elections, payments, and hundreds of other processes. Visit Parascript ( ).

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