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J Hotel Shanghai Tower Heavenly Jin Restaurant Breaks GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS(TM) Honor as a “Highest Restaurant in a Building” Record-holder

Heavenly Jin

Heavenly Jin restaurant at J Hotel Shanghai Tower has been announced by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS(TM) as the record-holder for “Highest Restaurant in a Building”. Being 556.36 meters above ground, Heavenly Jin has broken the previous record of 441.30 meters set in 2011, and which had been held for over a decade.

Located on the 120th Floor of Shanghai Tower, an incredible 556.36 meters above ground, Heavenly Jin now is the world’s highest restaurants, offering unparalleled views of the Shanghai skyline as a backdrop for its unique global cuisine. The restaurant fuses elements of European, Japanese and Chinese cuisine for a revitalizing new take on traditional dishes with its lunch, afternoon tea and dinner menus.

In a ceremony held today in Heavenly Jin, the Guinness World Records judicator Maggie Luo confirmed the results, announced the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS(TM) attempt successful, and issued a certificate to Heavenly Jin restaurant. With the unveiling of a “Highest Restaurant in a building” plaque, guests, staff and the Heavenly Jin team witnessed the exciting moment and enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere.

“It is a great pleasure to witness the success of Heavenly Jin in breaking the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS(TM) title and becoming the latest record-holder for a “Highest Restaurant in a Building”, which is of great significance to us. The height of the restaurant is also proof of the dedication of the Heavenly Jin management and operational teams. Since opening, the restaurant has been praised by customers for its high-quality dining experience and service. We welcome guests and friends from all over the world with a higher level experience above the clouds,” said Jenny Zhang, General Manager of J Hotel Shanghai Tower.

Heavenly Jin not only dominates with physical height, but also carries forward the brand’s ambitious ideals. It realizes the ability to operate a high-quality restaurant in a 556-metre building, the use of gas, ingredients transportation, food freshness, and the seamless planning of preparation and co-operation of chefs and service teams, etc.—which are all major challenges in any other ordinary restaurant. With the unremitting efforts of J Hotel Shanghai Tower management and the Food and Beverage team, Heavenly Jin has made continuous breakthroughs and innovations since opening, and offers a high quality dining experience and service for guests. The chefs and services team will continue to aim to hit new highs with quality and creativity.

About Heavenly Jin

Located on Floor 120 of the Shanghai Tower, 556 meters above ground, guests are greeted by an intricate 30-metre-long mural inlaid with Italian mosaic tiles which depict a scene from the ancient Silk Road. The glazed walls of the restaurant’s interior shine like a crystal chandelier when lit by the sun. The chefs at Heavenly Jin use the open kitchen as a stage to illustrate their cooking processes, providing an exciting visual experience whilst guests enjoy their food. In addition to the unique global cuisine, diners at Heavenly Jin can also enjoy panoramic views of Shanghai through floor-to-ceiling windows.

As a fusion restaurant, Heavenly Jin presents a wide range of dishes. The Western, Chinese and Japanese cuisine head chefs work closely together to create unique fusion menus above the clouds.

Heavenly Jin is also home to J Hotel Shanghai Tower’s signature afternoon tea. With fresh seasonal local ingredients and plenty of creativity, the restaurant provides guests with a refined leisure experience as they appreciate the exceptional views.

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Source: J Hotel Shanghai Tower