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Jackery Offers Power Solution to Japanese Performer as He Tours the Nation


– Marking its 10-year anniversary, Jackery Japan shares its story of powering up the hope of a street performer to help cheer up the nation in the post-pandemic era

When the dusk dimmed the sunlight beaming from the far-flung horizon, Toyko didn't lose any trace of its usual vibrancy under the glow of neon lights. At one end of a street, a crowd started to gather around a performer. Moving with gymnastic elegance, each of his acts verged on life-threatening danger. Everyone was watching with rapt attention, with the background music stirring up the tense air.

When the stunt was done with an astonishing and clean landing, a single moment of silence spilled into loud applause and cheering. He blushed with pride and a wide smile, absorbing the excitement of his audience, humbled by the applauses as he took a deep bow and then moved on to the next act.

Standing at the center of the makeshift stage was Mr. Eiji Setoda, a former gymnast who was the winner of the All-Japan Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. He started to practice acrobatics after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake that left a deep scar on him. Since then, he wished to use his street performance to perk up the spirit of local residents as they strived to rebuild their homeland.

But the COVID-19 pandemic gave another heavy blow to the economy, and the national mood hit a new low, he recalled. So, he decided to embark on a tour across Japan, hoping to bring hope and inspiration to a wider population with his performance in this difficult time.

"When it comes to street performance, if you can't grip the audience's attention as fast as you can, they would lose interest and walk away. So, background music can add color to my shows and plays an important role in holding their attention," said Mr. Setoda.

"When I begin to do a very dangerous stunt, suspenseful music can help build up the tension in the opening scene, which can make the overall performance more enjoyable. But traveling from city to city means there is no guarantee that I can always find a power source to play the music. The portable power station provided by Jackery offers me an ideal solution," he added.

Since Jackery was launched into the Japanese market in 2019, the company has provided reliable and affordable solar power generators and energy storage solutions for countless outdoor adventures, frontline rescuers, and performers like Mr. Setoda to help them power through what was deemed impossible. A green energy pioneer, Jackery is committed to developing high-quality products integrated with the latest innovation to unlock new possibilities for off-gird tasks and lifestyles.

For three years, Jackery Japan has leaped from one milestone to the next and reached sales of 20 billion yen by March 2022, sold over 400,000 units by June. Its unremitting pursuit of superior performance has also allowed the brand to clinch multiple RBB TODAY's top awards, the Innovative Brand Award from Amazon Japan in 2021, and Japan's Good Design in 2022.

Inspired by Mr. Setoda's effort to help the nation recover from the major disaster, Jackery Japan launched the "JackeryCare" initiative through which the company donated 10 portable power stations to strengthen local disaster prevention measures in 2020. It has also formed a business alliance with JVC Kenwood, a Yokohama-based company specializing in enhancing the sound quality of digital sound sources, to develop new generations of solar generator products designed to address the challenge of disaster relief efforts in the future.

Jackery Japan has built on its market leadership to further strengthen Japan's emergency response mechanism by joining the Social Emergency Management Alliance (SEMA) in 2022. The alliance will see Jackery providing its portable solutions to SEMA in case of unexpected disasters, working together toward creating a society safe for all.

On the climate front, Jackery<> Japan launched "Jackery Green", an environment-focused initiative to reduce food waste, in partnership with Japanese companies to reduce carbon emissions. Later this year, the company is set to collaborate with Japanese charities on a tree-planting program in an effort to boost the nation's forest ecosystem.

"We are proud of our market achievements in Japan, as well as the trust we gain from the local customers and partners, which gives us greater confidence in developing new solar power solutions for emergency purposes or outdoor activities. We will stay focused on our goal to empower more people for green living while investing more resources for innovation and expanding cooperation to better equip the rescue personnel to strengthen Japan's disaster preparedness," said Head of Marketing Department of Jackery Japan.

About Jackery

Jackery, the world's leading innovative portable power and green outdoor energy solution provider founded in California in 2012, is a global top-selling solar generator brand recognized by over 150 authorized media and organizations worldwide. Since 2018, Jackery has sold more than 2 million units globally and a footprint spanning from the US to Europe, Japan and China.

As the pioneer of the Solar Generator concept and products, Jackery offers a range of portable, versatile green generators that meet all outdoor needs, from charging a cellphone or laptop to powering large devices like electric cooking equipment, heaters, and lights. Its products have been consistently selected as Best Sellers on Amazon and have been included in Amazon's Choice lists since 2020.

To date, Jackery has also received 25 prestigious international design awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, the A' Design Award and Competition, and the CES Innovation Award.


SOURCE Jackery Inc.