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“Jianye Experience” in the protection and development of Yangtze River Culture

Riverside Scenic Belt in Jianye District, Nanjing

On November 18, the Nanjing Yangtze River Culture International Sculpture Art Exhibition was held in Nanjing. 10 sculptures created by 10 domestic and foreign artists with the theme of Yangtze River culture officially met with the public in Nanjing Yuzui Wetland Park. 10 high-level and popular sculpture art works were completed in Yuzui Wetland Park, reshaping the shoreline of the Yangtze River with art. It has made the riverside scenery belt as an ecological background with an artistic atmosphere, injecting artistic vitality into the riverside shoreline. Jianye District has gradually made the Yangtze River in the region into a beautiful and diverse Yangtze River Cultural Sculpture Park, according to the Publicity Department of Jianye District People’s Government.

The Nanjing Hexi section of the Yangtze River Economic Belt is located along the river in Hexi New City. It is about 11 kilometers long from north to south, with a total area of 4.37 square kilometers. In recent years, Jianye District has adopted a series of effective methods adapted to local conditions. The connection of the urban transportation system and the provision of modern service facilities have made the Hexi section quickly become a new hot spot for tourism and a holiday destination for Nanjing citizens. It receives nearly 6 million tourists every year, and more than 300 batches of domestic and foreign investigations. At the same time, it has brought together a group of innovative enterprises which has effectively promoted the industrial upgrading of the Hexi section.

Jianye District, based on its rich experience in river and lake governance in urban areas, has established a set of water governance models for central urban areas with high feasibility and high value for replication and promotion. It has contributed the “Jianye Wisdom” and “Jianye Plan” to the national and even global water control work.

In the future, Jianye District will continue to strive to improve the level of internationalization and create a smart park test area. It will strengthen the integration of industry and city to further improve the quality of the city, continue to dig deep into cultural elements, actively undertake various cultural and sports activities, and integrate various exhibition halls in the region.

Source: Publicity Department of Jianye District People’s Government