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Jimi/Concox Named IoT Industry Leader by World-Leading Market Research Provider Berg Insight


Jimi/Concox has been named IoT industry leader for 2021 with 14% market share and sales of around 6 million units according to the latest vehicle telematics hardware market report from Berg Insight, the world’s leading IoT market research provider.

Jimi/Concox has been focusing on the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) for many years and launches over 30 new products annually. Most new products relate to areas already developed, including logistics fleet management and asset management, auto insurance, car rental, two-wheeler management, among others. Jimi/Concox invests more than 15% of its revenue in R&D annually and has some new products in development that meet customers’ needs in new areas. One such product is the LL303, which provides management solutions for heavy machinery and vehicles for customers.

“The company’s biggest purpose is to serve customers and fully meet their needs,” commented Gao Xingxin, chairman of Jimi/Concox. “We are very happy to be recognized by the market report from Berg Insight, although we are not surprised to receive such recognition as we have utmost confidence in our complete product range.”

With a 70,000 square meter factory in China and two reliability laboratories, Jimi/Concox has the capacity to produce one million units monthly and test all aspects of product quality, including signal stability, product corrosion resistance, wear resistance, to name a few.

“The era of 2G IoT has passed, and the era of 4G and even 5G is the future,” said Alex Dai, product director of Jimi/Concox. “Jimi/Concox has released several 4G-based IoT products combining communication positioning, intelligent sensing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technical means to respond to changing market demands.”

Jimi/Concox products have completed the specific certification requirements of numerous countries, including CE, FCC, PTCRB, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, TELEC certifications, and others. To date, Jimi/Concox products have been sold to more than 150 key regions and countries, serving China Mobile, China Telecom, Deutsche Bahn, HERE Technologies, Orange, CalAmp, Telcel and many other well-known enterprises and organizations.

About Jimi/Concox

Concox™ Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jimi loT™, has become a leading designer and manufacturer of telematics and wireless communications products for over 15 years, dedicates to bringing reliable products and customized solutions to clients across the world.

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