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JinenU Solar Will Make Its Debut at PV EXPO 2023, Focus on Solar Module Customization, Service Worldwide With a Capacity of 20GW


Recently, JinenU Solar, a global leader focusing on solar module customization, will make its debut at PV EXPO 2023. Dating back to the year 2022, its production capacity has already reached 10GW and is estimated to expand to 20GW by the end of 2023. JinenU Solar can customize highly efficient solar modules ranging from 400W to 670W so as to meet customers’ diversified demands and scalable responses.

JinenU Solar has broken the traditional integrated mode of production and sales in the solar industry. They combine OEM/ODM services, scalable production, and centralized procurement advantages, and have taken the lead in introducing the innovative mode of the customized solar module since 2020.

The customized production mode solves various problems for customers in the order delivery such as shortage of capacity and funds. JinenU Solar is able to provide customer-oriented services from raw material procurement, production capacity optimization, production site selection, and module customization to product delivery. The high-flexibility production service system can quickly respond to customers’ urgent needs so as to guarantee excellent solar modules and satisfactory and professional service. In the meantime, it greatly reduces customers’ production costs and investment risks, and enables them to enjoy advanced production techniques and smart equipment, thus allowing customers to expand their markets to a greater extent and achieve rapid development.

Wu Fei, the chairman of JinenU Solar, said that JinenU Solar has always adhered to the core values of “innovation, win-win, unity, and excellence,” centered on achieving customer value, aiming for the goal of providing one-stop customization services, and continuously improving product quality and service level. We are convinced that JinenU Solar will play a greater role in the cooperation with Japanese solar companies ahead and make more contributions to promoting the development of sustainable energy in Japan.


SOURCE: JinenU Solar