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Jining: Confucius Museum has Achieved an Innovative Development of the Traditional Culture Based on the Cultural “Creative Transformation and Innovative Development”


Recently, the traveling interview operation of the online themed publicity on the cultural “creative transformation and innovative development” has made its first stop in Jining. Through the perspective of all-media and visual presentation, it delved into Shandong’s vivid practice of building a new benchmark for cultural “creative transformation and innovative development” and establishing a new era of Shandong’s “cultural Mount Tai”.

In the afternoon of Feb. 17th, the interview group came to the Confucius Museum for a visit and interview. An interactive exhibition area designed to imitate the interface of WeChat, “Confucius answering questions” has attracted everyone’s attention. A dialogue with Confucius can be realized by “traveling through time and space” through a large touch screen.

According to the staff of the Confucius Museum, in addition to the “Confucius answering questions” for experiencing, there are also many high-tech experience projects for visitors to interact in the Confucius Museum. For example, visitors only need to click on the touch screen to learn about the imperial clothes, public clothes, regular clothes, auspicious clothes and daily home wear of the Yanshenggong (the hereditary title of Confucius’ eldest son and grandson) in Ming Dynasty; One can also learn the etiquette of teacher worship as well as take pictures with Confucius and his disciples.

At the scene, there are not only cultural and creative products made in the image of the Confucius in cartoon style, such as the tumbler “Never fail in exams”, the series folder of Confucius in cartoon style, etc.; There are also the rope knot of Confucius’ mansion, real leather satchel with butterfly-shaped album, moon cake of Confucius’ mansion, night light, etc.; There are also cultural and creative products such as the arch model and the Dacheng Hall puzzle developed in accordance with the architectural elements of the Dacheng Hall of Confucius Temple as well as the festooned gate of Confucius’ mansion, which reveal the unique charm of traditional culture everywhere.

Under the general integration trend of culture and tourism as well as relying on its unique cultural heritage resources and Confucian cultural connotation, the Confucius Museum has actively created diversified social education activities, served the audience, education and society through its social education activities, focused on building the core social education brand of “Confucius Academy”, constantly enriched and improved the curriculum system, carried out an average of more than 500 educational activities every year.

Based on the cultural “creative transformation and innovative development” and giving full play to its cultural heritage, the Confucius Museum has made a set of fancy combinations in spreading excellent traditional culture in recent years.

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