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Jining: Jining people’s happiness improves due to the civilization led by the culture

JINING, China, March 3

Since striving to create a national model city of civilization, Jining, Shandong has adhered to the concept of “creating a national model city for the people”, integrated the concept of leading by the culture in the whole process of the cultural and ideological construction, promoted the urban function, environment and quality in order to further enhance citizens’ sense of acquisition, happiness, and security. Adhering to the concept of leading by the culture is to integrate excellent traditional culture into the cultural and ideological construction. Jining has built a political and moral education base for its cadres, set up more than 30 on-site teaching sites, and trained more than 92,000 students. Giving full play to the leading role of the brand of “Leading the hometown of Confucius by the proverbs from Chairman Xi”, Jining has carried out more than 290,000 preaching activities on the front line and fostered an audience of 8.759 million people. A hundred of “Creative Transformation and Innovative Development” demonstration sites are created with high standards so as to implement the “Five Major Projects” to inherit and promote excellent traditional culture. More than 2,800 advanced and typical models such as Learning from Lei Feng on own posts, Good Man of Jining and Moral Model are promulgated. With the innovation of the practice of traditional culture and education for minors, Jining has implemented the sinology education project of “Learning traditional culture · Being a humble teenager” to enable teenagers to infiltrate excellent traditional culture in their learning and life. The four-level social governance service center system in cities, counties and villages “harmony is priceless” has been innovative reformed, whereby an average annual mediation rate of 13,000 cases and a mediation success rate of more than 98% are achieved.

Adhering to the concept of leading by the brand, there are multiple highlights in the cultural and ideological construction in urban and rural areas. Taking the creation of civilized villages and townships as the starting point to enhance the level of civilization in the township style, the coverage rate of civilized villages at or above the county level in the city has reached 100%. The 16th consecutive “Neighbor Festival in Canal City” was held to build the brand of “Renowned families, excellent etiquette, and great family styles in the hometown of Confucius and Mencius”, cultivating neighborhood relations and civilized family styles in the new era. The city has built 14 civilization practice centers in the new era, 156 practice institutes, and 4,137 practice stations, with more than 1.5 million registered volunteers, i.e. an average of 1 volunteer among 6 people. A total of 277 “happiness canteens” for civilized practice in the new era have been built, benefiting 8,320 elderly people. Jining has systematically and globally promoted the construction of sponge cities and the transformation of rain and sewage diversion. Besides, 107 pocket parks and 87.7 kilometers of sewage pipe networks have been newly rebuilt. Regarding on the grid-based and refined management of urban operations, Jining has promoted the “integration of four networks” of comprehensive governance, police, urban management, and city creation, and normalized the three cleansing actions on “roads, gates and walls” and the actions of removing “ten nuisances”.

In 2023, Jining will further promote the modernization of urban governance and improve the quality of life of the masses, and strive to achieve the goal of “entering the province’s first tier regarding development, building a national first-class cultural city, creating a beautiful and happy model city”.

Contact: Cui Liming
Tel.: 0086-17616591036

SOURCE: Jining