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JOYNEXT Selected as One of The Leading 100 Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific

Source: Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific Report by KPMG & HSBC

Recently, KPMG and HSBC jointly announced the 2022 Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific Report, in which the leading 100 emerging firms in the region were identified based on their future growth potential. JOYNEXT was ranked 23rd on the list, being one of the few companies in the automotive sector.

The report is a comprehensive analysis of 6,427 technology-focus companies in 12 Asia Pacific countries and regions, including China, India and Japan. The top 100 emerging technology companies were selected based on their superior technology, “hyper-localized” businesses, talent sustainability, mastery of logistics and supply chain operation and successful business strategy.

The Asia-Pacific region is in a period of economic transition, with an increasing number of technology companies entering the automotive sector. The transition is facilitating cross-industry convergence. In the midst of this trend, JOYNEXT has also built ecological cooperation with many large technology companies, with the aim of jointly addressing the challenges and opportunities in the new era.

After years of development, JOYNEXT is taking a leading position in the industry in terms of smart connectivity technologies and the intelligent cockpit, and well positioned to provide autonomous driving and software services to meet more demands in the future. In 2021, JOYNEXT’s 5G+C-V2X technology went into mass production. Following the rapid development of vehicle-road collaboration, JOYNEXT quickly expanded the application of its V2X products into global markets, and was nominated by many major international OEMs. In response to the emergence of software-defined vehicles, JOYNEXT has created multiple domain fusion solutions, empowering a new generation of intelligent cockpits with autonomous driving and software services to improve human-machine interaction experience and safety.

JOYNEXT serves customers in different regions with its developing technologies and global operations. At present, JOYNEXT owns and operates 4 R&D centers, 3 production facilities and 7 customer centers worldwide, meeting the personalized needs of customers with localized expertise.

A smart mobility industry is gradually emerging. In order to achieve sustainable development, JOYNEXT has made substantial progress in both talent sustainability and technology sustainability. JOYNEXT views its highly talented workforce as the company foundation. JOYNEXT boosts talent development in all aspects through new talent development center, employee caring program and culture integration projects. JOYNEXT invests about 10% of its annual sales in R&D for long-term technologies development.

Looking forward, JOYNEXT will continue to empower connected vehicles through innovation, with the goal of creating a safer, smarter and more personalized mobility experience for drivers worldwide.

source: JOYNEXT Technology Co.,Ltd.