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KEENON Robotics Showcases Foodservice Robots at Meat Food Expo – Yakiniku Business Fair 2022

OSAKA, Japan

KEENON Robotics(, the world’s leading indoor intelligent autonomous distribution robotics company, unveiled a wide range of service robots for catering at the Meat Food Expo – Yakiniku Business Fair and IZAKAYA Japan that concluded on July 6 at the ATC Hall in the Osaka Bay Area.

The event is one of the renowned and specialized fairs for yakiniku and izakaya businesses in the area. Participants in the fair included local restaurants, hotels and food service organizations.

“This is our first time exhibiting at the Meat Food Expo – Yakiniku Business Fair and IZAKAYA JAPAN, and we were very excited to meet the local food businesses and are honored to present our safe and high-efficient automation solutions. The pandemic has fueled the demand for contactless services, pushing the market to look for advanced automatic robots, and it is extremely true in the food industry. With service robots, we can ensure that after food is ordered and prepared, it is delivered and served safely for both consumers and restaurant staff,” said Mr. Murakami Matsuo, Head of Sales, Japan at KEENON Robotics.

Murakami further explained that service robots can increase work efficiency during busy periods, ease the burden of the staff, and improve the dining experience of consumers. For businesses, it will also improve food delivery management and operation.

“We are happy that we can make our contribution to the industry in the post-COVID world to provide support and help to food businesses, workers and consumers. We have also upgraded the KEENON ON-care, our after-sales services program, to our global partners. We have product experts providing holistic one-stop maintenance services,” added Murakami.

The key lineup of KEENON service robots includes the T5, T6, T8, W3, M2 and G2 , covering all kinds of services in creating a good food experience. Equipped with a fully autonomous positioning and navigation system, along with highly sensitive perception and obstacle avoidance technologies, KEENON robots adapt to various complex real-world scenarios and enable safe, reliable, and efficient robotic solutions.

Delivery (T5, T6, T8)

These three product lines of food delivery robots can assist waiters in swiftly serving and retrieving used plates. With the robot, waiters can be more focused on providing better service, which will greatly boost the restaurant’s overall efficiency and service level.

Hotel (W3)

The hotel service robot can ride the elevator to any floor and deliver room service meals to guests at any time of day or night, creating the most reliable contactless and privacy-conscious room delivery services.

Disinfection (M2)

With this service robot, professional disinfection lights and sprayers are equipped to efficiently kill both surface and airborne bacteria and viruses, allowing for efficient and timely cleanliness in public spaces.

Guiding (G2)

The guiding robot is equipped with high-definition digital screens, with information and advertisements displayed on the screen to greet visitors and direct them to their seats. It largely increases efficiency and also provide innovative and delightful interaction with customers.

About KEENON Robotics:

Founded in 2010, KEENON ROBOTICS offers intelligent, reliable, and convenient solutions for various scenarios including restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, and factories. In September 2021, KEENON completed a $200M Series D financing led by Softbank Vision Fund 2 (SVF2), marking the largest funding ever received by a service robot company. KEENON robots have been deployed in more than 60 countries.

source: KEENON Robotics