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KeyZell Start-Up Plans to Reach 5 million Euros in Private Investment and Become the new Biotech Unicorn


KeyZell, a Spanish biotechnology company in the development phase of digital cancer treatments and tools, has just opened a private financing round which expects to achieve 5 million euros to boost its projects and consolidate itself as one of the biotech start-ups with the greatest international projection.

KeyZell launches this new round of private investment to conduct a human clinical trial with one of its innovative cancer treatments, based on Dr. Nabil Hajji’s research on cellular apoptosis induced by cell receptor blockage, as well as to improve its precision medicine Artificial Intelligence system that aims to be the future of cancer medicine, thanks to an algorithm that proposes the most appropriate personalized treatment for each patient depending on the unique characteristics of each person and type of cancer.

KeyZell has already generated great interest from both national private investors and North American investment funds and has successfully closed a preliminary round of 450,000 euros, 50% above expectations. Among its investors are professional brokers as well as Spanish and Mexican businessmen.

“We created KeyZell with the objective of developing new cancer solutions and tools that can help both medical professionals and patients in their fight against this disease. This financing round will allow us to achieve our ambitious objective,” says Jose del Corral, company CEO.

The company is committed to blockchain technology, implementing improvements on its AI-based tool and thus reinforcing this through clinical trials. Keyzell plans to finance the clinical trial in Australia while in negotiations with a strategic partner to carry out another trial in Mexico. In addition, working on the structures to carry out regulatory processes in Europe, United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, South Africa, Morocco and Canada.

Keyzell has the pleasure of having Dr. Nabil Hajji among its founders who has led the research with collaborators from University of Seville and Harvard University, where they have discovered a new treatment which for the first time, after more than twenty years without advances in glioblastoma research, has succeeded in eliminating the most aggressive brain cancer, glioblastoma.

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Source: KeyZell