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KIWONTECH accelerates its entry into Japanese email security market with developing ITU Standard

SEOUL, South Korea

KIWONTECH’s Japan-based joint venture held a briefing session on the global standardization of email security.

The company is expecting its proposal to be adopted as an international standard next year.

KIWONTECH (CEO Kim Dong-cheul), a leading cyber security company that is developing international email security standards, held a briefing session on the Mail Inspector Platform for the global standardization of Japanese email security with SCM Secu Systems Laboratory Inc., its Japan-based joint venture.

As many companies use email for communication, the number of reports of email security breaches is increasing every year, and the email security market is steadily growing.

KIWONTECH, a member of the Born2Global Centre (CEO Kim Jong-kap), submitted a proposal, titled “Security Requirements and Countermeasures for Targeted Email Attacks” to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T). The company’s proposal was adopted as a Korean email security standard in December 2021. The adoption of the proposal as an international standard by ITU is expected to happen in 2024.

About 20 major Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) companies participated in the briefing session and listened carefully to the SCM Secu Systems Laboratory’s briefing on the global email security market’s current status, problems, and prospects, focusing on email security standardization. Participants of this briefing were in agreement on the need to prepare a foundation for revitalizing the Japanese email security market. During the session, SCM Secu Systems Laboratory announced the main content of the international email security standard of the ITU, on which KIWONTECH is planning to take the initiative, and the importance of introducing the draft email security standard.

SCM Secu Systems Laboratory also signed an MOU with four Japanese security companies, including Narita Systems Laboratory, to supply and expand email security solutions in Japan. With this agreement, KIWONTECH expects that it will secure a leading position in the Japanese email security market.

KIWONTECH Vice President Young-ki Kim said, “With the support of the Born2Global Centre, we were able to quickly and efficiently secure a local strategic foothold, which is essential for our Japanese business.” He added, “We will speed up the commercialization of the international email security standards that are currently going through the commercialization process in Japan.”

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