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Integrated analytics and automation solution for self-scaling, self-healing, self-optimizing networks

KX, maker of kdb+, the world’s fastest time series database and real-time analytics engine, and EnterpriseWeb, a pioneer in telecom virtualization and automation, have partnered to deliver network observability and automation solutions for performance-critical systems.

Bringing together highly complementary technologies, KX and EnterpriseWeb offer an incredibly flexible and powerful closed-loop control mechanism that can be deployed on any system or distributed network. KX brings market-leading data services and real-time analytics capabilities, built around its kdb+ time series database, for pattern recognition and the detection of anomalies. These feed EnterpriseWeb’s intelligent orchestration platform for intent-based network and service management which interprets the events, translates policies, and takes actions to maintain a declared state for a self-scaling, self-healing, self-optimizing network. Together, KX and EnterpriseWeb provide an integrated solution for ‘zero-touch’ network and service management at scale.

The two companies first teamed up as part of an all-star team on a 5G edge network automation test-bed hosted by Intel Network Builders (INB), along with Red Hat, Keysight, Fortinet and Tech Mahindra. One of the distinguishing features of the award-winning testbed is the enhanced Self-Organizing Network (SON) – formed by the integration of KX and EnterpriseWeb – to optimize the processing of secure packets, while significantly reducing energy consumption.

To date, SON implementations are generally vendor-centric, narrow in scope, batch processed, and expensive to deploy and maintain. In contrast, the two partners were able to rapidly deploy as an open, extensible, near-real-time SON that’s flexibly configurable for a wide variety of use cases.

The testbed simulates both a large spike in network traffic and a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, KX monitors streaming data to issue alerts where threshold levels are breached. Signals are then sent back to EnterpriseWeb’s intelligent orchestrator, which automatically adjusts the configuration of the service elements as well as the underlying infrastructure to accommodate the additional traffic and respond to the threat. This ensures Quality of Service for customers and maintains network health.

Results so far have been extremely promising including x10 more traffic throughput (10Gbps vs 1Gbps), whilst being x9.5 more energy efficient (113 kW/h vs 1069 kW/h) in the initial use-cases, with unrivalled potential to further build out analytics on the mobile edge and core.

James Corcoran, Chief Growth Officer, KX: “We talk about KX as being an engine for time series and real-time analytics, powered by kdb+. As the results of the testbed project demonstrate, being the analytics engine in EnterpriseWeb’s intelligent orchestration platform can yield significant benefits. Working alongside an all-star team of partners, we’ve shown that using time series-based technology like KX can dramatically improve response times and increase network efficiency. We’re excited to see how our partnership with EnterpriseWeb can be applied to other use cases where the real-time monitoring and management of distributed networks, and low latency response and remediation is a critical requirement.”

Dave Duggal, founder and CEO of EnterpriseWeb: “The joint KX and EnterpriseWeb solution enables and accelerates the Telecom transformation journey to Digital Service Providers. Taking network services to the edge for low-latency customer use-cases requires extreme automation and efficiency so the explosion of new sites can be supported operationally. To streamline deployments, Telcos will benefit from a common technology platform that can be flexibly configured for different industries, customers and use-cases so they can avoid being mired down in custom development projects. KX and EnterpriseWeb present a lightweight, low-latency, high-performance solution for an edge-optimized Telco Cloud platform.”

About KX

KX is the creator of kdb+, independently benchmarked as the world’s fastest time series database and real-time analytics engine. Built for the most demanding data environments, KX technology is trusted by the world’s leading companies for their mission-critical data applications. Our industry-leading software processes and analyzes time series and relational data at unmatched speed and scale, enabling richer actionable insights to drive decisions. We empower developers and data engineers to build high-performance data-driven applications and turbo-charge their favorite analytics tools in the cloud, on-premise, or at the edge.

Part of FD Technologies plc, KX operates from more than 15 offices across Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. For more information visit or contact:

About EnterpriseWeb

EnterpriseWeb offers the first industrial-grade no-code platform for software engineers. It enables rapid modelling of event-driven, end-to-end, dataflow processes that dynamically connect across business silos, cloud hosts and eco-system partners for highly-automated & agile operations. The no-code platform eliminates tedious development, integration and configuration tasks to accelerate service delivery and automate lifecycle management. EnterpriseWeb abstracts distributed systems complexity so developers can focus on the business. The company is a pioneer in Telecom virtualization and automation. It ran the first ETSI NFV Proof-of-Concept, “CloudNFV”, which demonstrated the convergence of IT and networking. The company has partnered with Intel, Red Hat and Tech Mahindra to deliver transformative networking solutions.

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