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Larnabel Ventures rolls out 2022 Investment Strategy, Targets Consumer Innovative Technologies


Larnabel Ventures[], a European Venture Capital (VC) firm established by Said Gutseriev, announced today their commitment to finance innovative consumer technologies as part of their investment strategy for 2022.

Since its establishment in 2016, Larnabel Ventures has developed a tech-focused portfolio comprising some of the most exciting start-ups in Europe and the United States. While continuing to build on its current investments, Larnabel Ventures is actively seeking cutting-edge consumer technological enterprises that will dictate the technological evolution for years to come.

Said Gutseriev, Founding Partner, Larnabel Ventures, said: “Supporting innovative technologies has long been at the heart of Larnabel’s investment strategy. Now more than ever, funding and engaging with tech-savvy entrepreneurs is proving to be one of the most profitable, sustainable, and rewarding ventures for any investment firm. We are at the cusp of a technological revolution, and it is imperative for investors to identify the direction of progress and support entrepreneurs who are bringing these technologies of the future to the public as quickly as possible.”

Eldar Vagapov, Managing Partner, Larnabel Ventures, added: “This year will be a critical year for technology investments across Europe. As we continue to slowly recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs are provided with opportunities to expand into new and exciting innovative spaces. At Larnabel Ventures, we have been recently exposed to some of the world’s most disruptive and exciting technologies. As we move forward with our investments, our priority is to lay the groundwork for the next generation of tech leaders and industry pioneers.”

In 2021, Larnabel Ventures’ portfolio expanded to include Ellevate, the grassroots football app that provides young players in the UK with the opportunity to be scouted. The venture fund also funded DailyPay, the US-based digital wallet service helping employees access their earnings in real time. Another flagship investment carried out by Larnabel Ventures was GFN.RU, the GeForceNow cloud gaming partner in Eastern Europe. The work GeForceNow is doing is testament to the rapid transition towards the increased integration of the physical world with the metaverse, which is already noticeably underway.

Source: Larnabel Ventures

Source: Larnabel Ventures