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Lianjiang Litchi Shows the Charms of China


As the major producing area of litchi in Guangdong Province, Lianjiang will further promote the establishment of a litchi export base, and strive to increase the export volume to 7,000 tons this year from a the export volume of 5,650 tons to dozens of countries and regions around the world in 2021, allowing international friends from more places to taste the sweet Guangdong litchi, and further show the world the charm of Guangdong’s high-quality fruits, according to Lianjiang Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Lianjiang litchi is not only pure and sweet but also has its unique “secret technique” for keeping fresh”.

Litchi in Lianjiang takes more than 30 days to complete the whole process including picking, screening, cold storage, loading, delivery to port, shipment, and finally selling at the supermarket in the international market. After more than 30 days of “workflow”, Lianjiang litchi can still maintain about 90% freshness with this exclusive “secret technique” for keeping fresh.

There are three main reasons: first, local farmers implement the optimized picking strategy and pick litchis in batches according to size and maturity; second, they comply with the strict screening conditions, and put litchis in the refrigerated vehicle after soaking them in iced vinegar water; third, they apply appropriate preservation technology. The litchi can cease to be in contact with air after being treated with special technology and are put in the low-temperature storage space. The color of the pericarp fades gradually. After more than a month, the litchis will slowly recover natural color at normal temperature after arrival at destinations. At last, it will be close to the appearance when it was just picked. In addition, the pulp will also recover to 90% freshness.

Lianjiang City has developed a local litchi production industry since the 1980s. Local litchi is rich in varieties, including Feizixiao, Guiwei, Jizui, etc. Lianjiang has become the largest Feizixiao litchi planting county (city) in China and the largest Feizixiao export production base in Guangdong Province. At present, Lianjiang Feizixiao litchi has been granted the title of National Top-Notch New Agricultural Product.

Guangdong is the largest litchi production province in China and one of the earliest places of planting litchi in the world. Its litchi planting area accounts for one-third of the world. In 2022, litchi will be delivered again from Guangdong, China to other regions worldwide.

Source: Lianjiang Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Source: Lianjiang Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs