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LinkieBuy has formally launched its plan to introduce 100 Japanese retail merchants to the Chinese market


LinkieBuy, a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce service provider in China, recently conducted an internal conference and declared publicly its intention to recruit 100 Japanese retail merchants to China market. The strategy focuses on the cross-border digital business of Japanese offline retailers, travel retail stores, duty-free stores, and other related industry merchants. The business includes cross-border mini program malls within the WeChat ecology, online marketing for e-commerce operations, cross-border warehousing and logistics, private domain core user repurchase, and other related cross-border businesses to China.

Chinese customers’ thirst for Japanese items has increased as a result of the pandemic, particularly during the Beijing Winter Olympics. The quick shift in consumption channel direction has resulted in a rise in cross-border internet channel penetration from China to Japan. The extension of the idea of imported DTC consumption to China has led to the rapid creation of the cross-border independent online store model, which is more favorable than traditional cross-border platforms, in the current wave of cross-border e-commerce tidal. Among them, the independent online store type cross-border e-commerce represented by the WeChat mini program mall within the ecology of WeChat, China’s largest social media APP, is gaining popularity with Japanese businesses.

“This year, we will increase our efforts to expand cooperation with Japanese offline retail merchants, ensure merchants’ sales in China through online mall building support, WeChat clients traffic support, B2B distribution channel support, and assist more Japanese offline retailers to realize digital transformation in China market,” said Simon Qi, general director of LinkieBuy and vice president of Xingyun Group.

Numerous Japanese companies have done business with China since the RCEP was implemented, resulting in increasing rivalry for product sales in China. LinkieBuy is a leading Chinese consumer goods digital supply chain service platform focused on assisting Japanese offline retail merchants in selling directly to Chinese consumers via the WeChat ecosystem. We aim to create more sales value for customers through years of accumulated digital cross-border operation capabilities.

It is reported that LinkieBuy has already partnered with more than 100 well-known Japanese retailers, including Seibu and Sogo Stores, KOMEHYO, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores, and Tsuruha. It offers Japanese offline shops in China cross-border digital transformation services such as WeChat mini program mall building, cross-border warehousing, logistics solutions, and online mall administration. It helps a variety of merchants access the Chinese market swiftly and we possess rich experience in how Japanese offline retailers doing e-commerce business in China.

Simon explained, “After the official launch of this Japanese 100 retail merchants to China introduction program. We will hold regular monthly online seminars for the Japanese market to explain the export policy to China, sales method of online business into China, cross-border mini program mall operation strategy, WeChat marketing skills, and other knowledge. Retailers who are interested in it can contact us via our official website or email.”

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SOURCE: LinkieBuy