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Linshu County: Licheng Vermicelli, Towards Road To Prosperity


LINSHU, China, May 17, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

Vermicelli, known as “suo fen” in ancient times, is also referred to as rice vermicelli or rice stick. It is a thin, thread-like dried starch product made from beans, potatoes, and miscellaneous grains. They come in various shapes such as round, thick, thin, wide, and sheet-like.

Image caption: Villagers are drying rice noodles.

Licheng vermicelli, a renowned vermicelli brand from Linshu County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, originated during the late Qing Dynasty in the Guangxu period. Records show that at that time, Licheng Village housed workshops for vermicelli production, known for superior quality, resistance to overcooking, and great taste, attracting customers from afar and gaining fame across several counties.

The high quality and delicious taste of Licheng vermicelli are attributed to its unique production process, which involves meticulous selection of raw materials, precise filtering, skilled craftsmanship, accurate temperature control, thickening techniques, drying methods, and packaging. The process involves steps such as selecting high-quality sweet potatoes, washing and grinding them into starch, followed by filtering, sun exposure, beating, sieving, freezing, pounding, and filtering to completion.

The finished vermicelli has a delightfully chewy texture and can be paired with a variety of delicious food. It is highly nutritious and beloved by local villagers. Local residents enjoy using vermicelli to cook stewed chicken, minced meat, or as a side dish with cold dishes, creating a unique flavor.

Today, the production of Licheng vermicelli has been mechanized and is continuously expanding in scale, emerging as a locally renowned specialty industry. It has formed a mature industry chain of planting, processing, transportation, and sales. Through various sales channels such as tourism, e-commerce, and specialty stores, the products are distributed to over ten provinces and cities including Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Henan, as well as countries in Southeast Asia like Singapore and Thailand.

Source: Information Office of Linyi Municipal People's Government