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: Localization Is Internationalization, Rotation Facilitates Circularity

the SPIRAL – Circular Design Exhibition

Forging Alliance of Circularity through Design, Connecting with the World from Taiwan

In 2022, organized by the Industrial Development Bureau under Ministry of Economic Affairs, executed by TDRI, and curated by CHU-Studio, has the longest exhibition period and features the most circular design cases and exhibits in the history of TDRI’s circular design exhibition, and invites a total of 67 exhibitors to showcase 245 exhibits. Domestically, 35 exhibitors participate in the exhibition with 163 exhibits; internationally, organizations and agencies in Thailand, Germany, Japan, and Denmark, including Creative Economy Agency (CEA), Thailand, the Trade Council of Denmark, Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), have offered great support and assistance, recommending a total of 32 exhibitors with 82 exhibits. CEA also signed a Letter of Intent with TDRI during the opening ceremony to explore opportunities of further cooperation on the topic of circular design.

uses “the SPIRAL” as the inspiration, which means continuous rotation, advancement, and expansion of matter, energy, and consciousness along a chronological axis. Based on this idea, the exhibition presents four main areas; Exhibition Area 1: “SPOT – Current Situation” immerses visitors in dusty mist to experience the current situation of environmental destruction through an immersive art performance brought by “Loudly Lightning Limited Company;” also, their work “Countdown” displays a countdown clock to 2030 with constantly changing numbers of hour, minute, and second, and the word “crisis,” aiming to trigger a greater sense of urgency in people through light and sound, reflecting on the urgency and importance of solving environmental issues.

Exhibition Area 2: “ECHO – Proposed Actions” showcases circular design products, allowing visitors to physically perceive the scenario of being surrounded by circular merchandise through simulation of familiar spaces from daily life, office, to outdoor market, and understand that circular life can be sophisticated and wonderful. The exhibition area also calls for consumers to launch consumer actions to set circularity in motion, achieving the mission and vision of localization is internationalization and rotation for circularity.

Exhibition Area 3: “ECHO – Exploration of Possibilities” integrates exhibitors with the “Pandemic Section” and “Designers Section” using the Five Circular Business Models by Accenture and presents future designs, such as innovative flow of design and design strategy, to bridge the commercial and design ends for circular opportunities. The area showcases new materials made from recycled waste materials and consumer products for diverse everyday life applications developed by Taiwanese designers in collaboration with local industries and academic institutions, promoting another important aspect of the development of circular design—rent instead of buy.

Exhibition Area 4: “360-degree International Connection” connects with public and private organizations from Denmark, Germany, Japan, and Thailand, to focus on the development of solutions for international environmental issues, corresponding international policies, and countermeasures of private organizations. Not only will they see the wonderful images of Taiwan’s landscape, the menus of “Circular Sharing Table Project” recommended and shared by celebrities will also appear on the screen. The curatorial team uses “circular menus” to combine Taiwan’s local circular design products to dialogue and exchange with international partners, displaying the spirit and look of localization is internationalization and rotation for circularity.

“Every consumption determines our future.” TDRI initiates a series of circular design activities to connect the industries through the power of design and amplify the effects of circular economy, driving the influences of Taiwan’s circular design, and ultimately setting all consumers, designers, manufacturers, and policy in motion, as whether we choose to rotate or not will be the most important decision to mankind’s sustainable revolution.

#Exhibition Information

Location | Songshan Cultural & Creative Park | Taiwan Design Museum Room 01/02/03
Time | 2022.03.15 – 07.03
Organizer: Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Executor: Taiwan Design Research Institute
Curator: CHU-Studio

SOURCE: Taiwan Design Research Institute