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LOGO of China’s Hainan Coastal Scenic Highway Officially Released

Hainan Coastal Scenic Highway logo

Recently, China's Hainan Free Trade Port officially released the LOGO of the Hainan Coastal Scenic Highway.

Named as "Pearl of the South China Sea", the LOGO draws inspiration from Hainan elements, capturing the essence of the Highway's unique charm – its integration with the sea. The Highway opened to traffic on December 18, 2023, spanning a total length of 988 kilometers. It traverses 12 coastal cities and counties across Hainan Island, encompassing approximately 84 sections of diverse landscapes of 9 major types. When viewed from the sky, the Highway looks much like a necklace adorned with a series of scenic spots throughout the island.

According to the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province, the Highway, since its opening, has immediately caught the attention of domestic and international tourists. A great number of established popular attractions are along the Highway, including the Wenchang Windmill Coast, Changjiang Shayutang Village, Wanning Zhengmenling Bridge, Danzhou Volcanic Coast, Ledong Yingge Sea Salt Field, Lingshui Xincun Harbour Fishing Row, Linggao Cape Park, Sanya Yalong Bay, Dongfang Yulinzhou, Qionghai Tamen Fishing Harbour, Chengmai Houchen Cultural Village, and more.

Source: Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province